Emmanuel Wildlife Garden in Chalford Road has run into trouble with its restoration work. Two key members of Norwood wildlife team are ill and team leader John Cotter would like new volunteers willing to give up their Saturday afternoons, not just the last Wednesday afternoon of each month.

He said: “We have replanted three outlying beds which are now in full flower and giving a lot of pleasure but the main area is only half planted. Besides help we need more plants, wild foxglove would be specially welcome”.

Current work is making use of the wood from the dozen trees felled or dug out when they returned to restore the garden created 13 years. ago. The heavier timber is to be made into a gate and an arbour.

An orchard of wild fruit trees to feed the birds has been partly restored: there is now a crab apple, wild cherry and wild plum. It is planned to add a wild pear and a bird cherry in the autumn.

The team is funding the work in much the same way they funded creating the country walk across three acres of Norwood Park, by selling surplus plants. On sale each volunteer day will be three cornered Garlic (£3 a clump), five Blackberry plants in compost containing wildflower seeds (to feed the bees in Spring, you in Autumn and keep burglars off your back fence all year round £5) and 9 willow wands to make an arbour or living fence (£7)
all free to volunteers plus use of the teams big collection of tools for their own garden

As you see added sessions on each Saturday at 2-5pm are planned as well as the last Wednesday in the month.

John Cotter can be contacted on 020 8244 8724.