What is it?

In partnership with Southwark Council, Dulwich Outdoor Gallery and The Dulwich Festival, we are inviting entries from artists to add some colour and cheer up the area around East Dulwich Train Station.

Why are we doing it?

An action group comprising of East Dulwich businesses, market traders and residents are creating a brand celebrating the independent spirit of East Dulwich. We have been awarded a grant by the London Borough of Southwark and will be sourcing additional funds from within the business and residential community.

The mural will be part of a wider project which includes community lead enhancements to North Cross Road Market and installations of lamp post banners. The overriding aim is also to identify the area geographically for residents, retailers, local businesses and visitors, whilst strengthening ties between all members of the community, invoking civic pride and helping to drive the local economy.

The project has the backing of Southwark Councillors, Southwark’s Environment and Social Regeneration Department, Network Rail, The Dulwich Festival, Dulwich Outdoor Gallery and local residents and businesses.

What are we looking for?

This area outside the East Dulwich station is for many people, the first and last impression they get of East Dulwich. The mural should brighten up this dreary location and celebrate the independent spirit East Dulwich, it should in some way reflect the character of East Dulwich. Themes could include, but are not limited to:

– Typography / Town name

– Community

– Nature and local wildlife

– Local landmarks

– Streetscapes

– People

– Abstract

Resident Survey

We recently undertook a resident survey and the following words came out as the most popular when describing East Dulwich:

  • Family Orientated
  • Friendly
  • Vibrant

The full survey results are below

The Location

Rail bridge (Ref: BTH1 – 1193) across Gove Vale directly outside East Dulwich Train Station (SE22 8EF)

There are two possible locations for the mural within the bridge:
1: On the roadside wall facing the station. The road will be closed in April/May, so we may be able to access this wall safely.

2: On the bridge wall facing commuters as they leave the station.

If suitable, it would be great to wrap the mural around the thinner edges of the wall also. and so that road users can also see it.

To maximise the impact of the above and create an attractive environment, we are moving the bins, newspaper cupboards and bike cages to other locations away from this prominent surface.

Follow this link for a Google Map view of the bridge

Wall Size

The wall dimensions are approx.: 4mt high x 5mt wide
The edge dimension are approx.: 4mt high x 0.5mt wide


We hope to have the mural completed before the summer. All the permissions are in place, there is also a possibility of a road closure of Grove Vale in April / May due to a nearby development so we could look to paint the roadside of the bridge.


An initial budget of around £2000 has been set, and you should base your minimum project proposal on this figure, however we are currently looking into a crowdfunded element to the project also.

About you

We are looking for interest from artists, preferably but not necessarily with a connection to East Dulwich – you might live or work here, have family or friends in the area, or simply love the place for another reason. We want entrants to think creatively about what East Dulwich means to them.

If you are interested and would like to be considered for the project then please supply the information below:

Your Name

Artists statement

– a rough guide to what you do and why

Artists CV

– Are you starting out or have you conquered the world! Do you have experience with commissions like this before? Have you worked to scale outdoors before?

What is your connection to East Dulwich

Your Proposal

Currently this can simply be a few notes or suggestions of what you would like to do with the space. **We will shortlist 2-3 artists at the next stage and request a more formal, visual proposal.

Your Work
Please supply 4 or 5 images of past work


Emails of interest must be sent to eastdagroup@gmail.com by Tuesday 17th April 2018, any queries should be addressed to the same email address.

Shortlisted artists will be requested to submit a formal proposal by Friday 27th April 2018.

The successful artist will be selected by a panel to include representatives from the Dulwich Festival, Dulwich Outdoor Gallery and members of the local community.

We look forward to hearing from you.