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London Farmers’ Markets are heading to Dulwich Village! Find them at Dulwich Church of England Infants’ School from 10am-2pm every Saturday from 18th June.

London Farmers’ Markets seeks to increase farm incomes, and provide high quality local/seasonal foods to urban communities. They encourage sustainable methods of food production and support traditional animal breeds and heritage fruit and vegetable varieties. They also encourage Londoners to take a greater interest in food production and rural issues and provide advice to farmers about what to grow, how to grow it, and how to market local produce.

The markets put you the customer in direct contact with the farmers, fishermen, growers and bakers.  Every week, car parks, school playgrounds and town squares blossom into communities where you can meet your neighbours, swap recipes and fill your shopping baskets.

Why will the market be perfect for Dulwich and how will locals benefit from it?

We’ve been running farmers markets since 1999. We’ve seen how they benefit farmers and London communities alike. The Dulwich Village farmers market will provide a community hub, a place to shop, to meet, to greet, to taste, to swap recipes every Saturday. A space where we can host family days, cooking events, Punch and Judy shows, where local groups can showcase their events, from open garden days to music festivals. A place where children can taste juice and salad leaves, talk to farmers, find out where their food comes from, what’s in season, what tastes good.

We will be bringing a wonderful group of farmers, fishermen, bakers, plant and flower growers, cheese makers, pie makers, and more. We’ll be including some locally based producers too. We like to think that the Dulwich Village Farmers Market will become the place to be every Saturday, everyone in the area is welcome, just leave your dogs outside please or carry them!

Because the market will be open every Saturday, the Dulwich community has a chance to shop weekly, and spend money in other local shops, restaurants and cafes after the market. We know from other markets that when the market is busy, local shops are busy too and that’s great for the local economy.

Shop every week, keep the market going and the market and local shops will thrive.

Some stalls accept card payments. The full list of stalls is growing – see the market page on their website for more details.

10 picks from Dulwich village farmers market

1) A bunch of freshly picked flowers from Dorset flower farm Puggs Meadow. Stunning, seasonal, unforgettable, and grown in the UK.

2) A loaf of long fermented sourdough bread from Bread Bread, baked in their wood fired ovens in South London.

3) Kid meat from Ellie’s Dairy. Debbie Vernon’s goats are pampered and extremely well looked after. She doesn’t have goat meat every week, so indulge in her range of soft and hard goats cheeses and unpasteurised goat milk.

4) Kentish Blue cheese from Kingcott DairyGentle smooth flavours on the first bite developing into a long lasting pleasant aftertaste. Made from the farms own unpasteurised cows milk

5) Unpasteurised milk and cream from Midham Farm. Nigel’s sells the milk from his Guernsey cows raw, unpasteurised, unhomogenised with nothing added or taken away, a fantastic natural product. He also brings his beef, rose veal and fresh free range eggs to the markets.

6) Fish for your supper from David Price.

David and his family fish off the Kent coast the day before the market. Turn up at Dulwich to see what the catch of the day is, all beautifully prepared for you.

7) A tub of sauerkraut from pickle supremos Vadasz Deli. Their pickles vary throughout the year, but always include varities of sauerkraut and kimchi. All deliciously addictive.

8) Courgettes, cucumbers, aubergines, herbs. The range of vegetables and salads grown by Dr Adrian Izzard Wild Country Organics are superb. It’s no surprise he wins awards for them. Get to market early, we’ve seen people fight over the last cucumber!

9) A Westmoor Farm chicken.These birds have acres to roam, and roam they do! Raised in small flocks they have the best of care. Charles will bring also bring seasonal game come September.

10) Something local to Dulwich!

We’re delighted to have several locally based businesses at the market..

Try a scotch egg from The Ploughman, made with high welfare ingredients and served with their hand made pickles and chutney.

We love the cakes from Sweet Carolina, especially the fairy cakes with home made Dulce de leche!

Every Saturday 10am-2pm
Dulwich Village C of E Infants’ School
Dulwich Village
SE21 7AL

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