So how do you get to Champion Hill on matchday? Perhaps you live locally and swagger up Lordship Lane in your pink and blue garb, grabbing a few scoops and a fancy wrap on the way. Maybe you prefer to ride on the P13 stealth bus as it courses through the obscure backstreets of South London before dropping you in Dog Kennel Hill Sainsbury’s car park, a mere tobacco spit from the hallowed turnstiles. Or perchance you always take the dog to the match (and why wouldn’t you), so approach via Greendale affording your over-excited cur the opportunity to evacuate any unpleasantness before entering the Theatre of Dreams. 
Well however you get there, these are exciting times indeed for the Pink and Blues as the men continue to find their form and the women make ever greater strides in league and Cup.  The Paul Barnes era continues to promise much and deliver a fair bit too.  As the new terrace chant goes (to the tune of the Pet Shop Boys’ Go West) “Paul Barnes, no longer interim, Paul Barnes no longer interim, Paul Barnes no longer interim, Paul Barnes, we’re really into him.”  And the fans are increasingly into him, as the gaffer shows a level of accessibility, accountability and just plain old decent football management that has been in limited supply in recent seasons.   
A 3-2 victory against both Hampton and Richmond on an unseasonably sultry Saturday afternoon bore the hallmarks of the new era; with The Hamlet easing into an early two goal lead, shipping a goal just before half time, before holding on grimly as The Beavers equalised and then went for the kill.  Previous Hamlet teams of recent yore might well have folded like a cheap kagool, but not these Sons of Edgar Kail, with a late Hamlet penalty securing a 3-2 victory sending the Rabble into a mild state of delirium. Heady days.  
Meanwhile even greater heights are being scaled on Champion Hill by the women’s team. A middling start to the season has been eclipsed by heroics from The Daughters of Edgar Kail as they made history by getting into the First Round of the Vitality Women’s FA Cup for the first time.  Not satisfied with this, they only went on and won the damn thing, progressing to a home second round clash against Gillingham Women FC (a game which will have just been played by the time this plops though your letterbox). Spicy times.  
As ever, keep an eye on the Hamlet website at to update yourself on all the latest news, including details of all upcoming men’s and women’s team games. Plus why take yourself to the Supporters Trust’s site to check out the latest merch.  From well wizard tops to sumptuous stocking fillers, there’s a sweet bit of merch for everyone.  
Here’s to the Moral Victory. And up The Hamlet.