Camara computers providing digital literacy education in Kenya

If you can’t quite bring yourself to take it to be recycled and head for landfill, then you might want to think about donating it to Camara Learning, a registered charity and social enterprise who have recently moved to the Parkhall Business Centre in West Dulwich. Through Camara, your old computer or laptop could live on to help 21 children in disadvantaged communities gain digital literacy skills.

“We’re unique in our social enterprise model,” says Anna Norman, General Manager. “We provide not only the hardware but also educational software, teacher training, technical support and responsible recycling at the end of useful life. By donating your old computers, laptops and monitors to Camara, you’ll divert them from landfill and enable them to be used for as long as they can be. Not only is this better for the environment, you’ll also be making a contribution to narrowing the digital divide.”

Camara was established 10 years ago by Cormac Lynch, a former investment banker, who recognised the single solution for poor global digital literacy and IT waste. Since then, we have trained 18,000 teachers, donated 66,000 computers, set up 3,300 e-learning centres and are proud to say that we have helped 1 million disadvantaged children attain digital literacy! This contributes to social mobility and gender equality by helping our students gain employability skills. Camara provides the total package, from repairing the donated PCs and loading them with educational material, to carrying out maintenance and training in even the hardest-to-reach schools in Haiti, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia. We also help many educational projects in Ireland too.

With already 1,000,000 children benefitting from the work Camara Learning do, our next goal is to reach a further million by the end of 2017. Still wondering what to do with your old computer? Donate it to Camara! You can read more about the work that we do at

If you or your business have any old computer equipment lying around, from PCs and TFTs monitors to keyboards, cables and mice, bring them down to the Parkhall Business Centre.

Contact the Camara Team at to arrange drop off. Local collection is possible for £5 donation. Don’t forget we’ll need the power and vga cables too!