Doc Cotton, a sustainable fashion brand based in Peckham, have launched their new ​marketplace​. The marketplace is an innovative way of purchasing sustainably and ethically made clothes by independent designers. Garments are made to order, with no stock being held, adhering to Doc Cotton’s pledge towards sustainability.

The marketplace allows designers to launch their own store in minutes as Doc Cotton provide the framework for designers to apply their own prints to a range of pre-designed garments. The entire production process is managed by ​Doc Cotton, including the sourcing of fabric, digital printing and construction of the items to ensure the strictest sustainable and ethical practices are applied. All garments are handmade from 100% organic cotton in Peckham by seamstresses being paid in excess of the London Living Wage.

Doc Cotton have also launched their #LovedClothes policy where customers can return their used Doc Cotton garments in return for a 20% discount off their next order. These garments ​will then be re-used or upcycled in an environmentally friendly way and customers will be notified about the destination of their old garments. This enables Doc Cotton to manage the environmental impact of a garment through its entire lifecycle and helps ensure that no Doc Cotton item ends up in landfill.

James Pickard, founder of ​Doc Cotton says “​The fashion industry needs to evolve to a sustainable and ethical model. By providing a platform that allows any individual or business to easily design a sustainable clothing range, we aim to lead the backlash against fast fashion. We are delighted by the wide range of designs already present on our platform and expect the offering to expand rapidly as more individuals and businesses join the sustainable revolution”​.

Buiseid, London based fashion designer says, “​I know my stuff will be made well with Doc Cotton and it has given me the opportunity to create my own designs using organic cotton. Everything is handmade in Peckham and I don’t have to worry about the production stage or what happens next, it’s great!”.

Doc Cotton

Unit 312, Peckham Levels,

95A Rye Lane London SE15 4ST

Image credit: designer, Teresa Rego