Growing wheat at St John’s East Dulwich

Why not join the fun?

St John’s East Dulwich is growing wheat this spring as a community project connecting city dwellers with food production and helping us to think about ‘our daily bread’ in a new way. We are looking for neighbours to grow sufficient wheat for a Harvest Feast later this year. We have space for a small patch of wheat in our church garden, but lots more will be required to bake enough bread for our Harvest-Festival! The wheat (Variety: Tybalt) is being donated by Limagrain free of charge and is available for sowing in early March 2021.

Wheat needs a fertile and sunny position, but apart from watering in summer needs little attention.

The crop will probably be ready for harvest in August and will then be dried, threshed

and milled at the historic Brixton Windmill.

All Welcome

When: Sow from now in patio-pots, flowerbeds and window boxes about 50mm deep, and water well.

Where: Any fertile sunny well-drained soil. You just need a light sprinkling of seeds.

Keep the birds off with some netting if possible.

Harvest: August 2021.

For your FREE SEED and growing tips, please contact Brad Collins on:, or for more information please email: Revd. Gill O’ Neill on:

St John the Evangelist 62a East Dulwich Road London SE22 9AT