Just off the busy high street of Crofton Park lies a precious little space which the Crofton Park & Honor Oak Park Neighbourhood Forum have been gradually clearing and weeding since 2014. They’ve succeeded in digging up three truck-loads (and counting) of buried rubbish (having suffered many years of fly-tipping) and have fought the persistent weeds. They‘ve succeeded in generating a lot of interest in the area and see new volunteers coming along all the time.

They now have bigger plans for the space and want to transform it into an oasis of calm and natural beauty – a sensory garden that will provide a unique recreational and outdoor learning space for all residents to reconnect with nature and their senses. It will be a tranquil retreat away from the noisy and polluted high street. Its unique location adjacent to Crofton Park Railway Station means that commuters will also be able to enjoy the garden while they wait for or alight from the trains, allowing them to de-stress, ready for their hectic journey that awaits or from the one they leave behind.

Today, their AVIVA community Fund application goes live! The more votes the project gets, the better the chances of securing funding. They are aiming for 25k votes! One for every £1 they have applied for. PLEASE login to the AVIVA project page and cast your 10 votes.

To vote in the Aviva Community Fund you just need to register, it’s a really simple 5 step process.

Step 1 – Visit the project page to find out more about what is being planned
Step 2 – Click on the green button at the top right hand corner that says ‘Register’
Step 3 – Register and confirm your email address
Step 4 – Complete a few more details
Step 5 – Search for and vote for the ‘Crofton Park Railway Garden’

We appreciate it will take 5 mins of your time, but having a great green space in our neighburhood will be worth it! Please share your vote on social media to spread the word. Every shared post leads to on average 10 more people voting.