RECLAIM YOUR BRAIN … BRING YOUR BABY! Babble Talks are daytime TED-style talks for parents, not about parenting. For parents and carers with babies under 1 year old.

Coming Up in East Dulwich…

On Wednesday 22 May at 11.30am, Babble Talks will be hosting Dr Jen Gupta at the East Dulwich Picturehouse for her talk: Rainbow Astronomy.

Tickets are £10 in advance or £12on the door. Visit for more information and to book.

Rainbow Astronomy

Gazing at the night sky with our eyes or telescopes reveals twinkling stars and far away galaxies. But to fully understand the Universe around us, we need to manipulate light coming from these objects, splitting it into its components in the same way that water droplets can spread out the Sun’s light into a rainbow. In this talk I will show and explain how astronomers do this to reveal the secrets of our Universe, touching on the stories of some unsung heroes of astronomy along the way.

Dr Jen Gupta is an astrophysicist and science communicator. She runs the public engagement programme for the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth, hosts the Seldom Sirius astronomy podcast, was co-presenter of the BBC Tomorrow’s World Live shows, and has been known to perform astronomy-themed stand up comedy. Jen is currently on maternity leave and buying far too many space-related baby clothes.

About Babble Talks

Babble Talks is a daytime event where expert guest speakers present talks to an audience where babies are welcome! These hour-long events are an opportunity for new parents to find intellectual stimulation and engage in adult-focused conversation in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Speakers present TED-style talks on a range of topics from archaeology to zoology!

Launched by new parents Ruth and Ian Bennett in March 2018, in response to the lack of adult-centred activities to attend with their newborn son, Babble Talks has become a firm favourite on the parental-leave activity scene and was shortlisted in the Hoop London Bring-Along-Baby category. Talks take place on a monthly basis in East Dulwich (East Dulwich Picturehouse), Balham (The Bedford) and Crouch End (Crouch End Picturehouse), with further venues in the pipeline.

What People Are Saying…

“A godsend for the under-stimulated maternity leave brain” Lo Smith

“Babble Talks feeds my sleepy brain cells and gives me something to talk about that isn’t poo- sleep- or teething-related.” Kate Hilton

“The best thing I’ve been to! 100% recommended.” Anna Goodman

“A great way to learn new things with baby in tow” Mamathon London


  • Monthly daytime talks
  • Tickets are £10 in advance or £12 on the door
  • Events last 1 hour, including an opportunity for audience Q&A
  • Opportunity to socialise over lunch after the event
  • For parents with babies under 1 year old
  • Event takes place 11.30am till 12.30
  • @BabbleTalks on social media