Babble Talks is the event for all new parents who are looking for something to stimulate their minds. They invite expert guest speakers to present a 20-minute talk, participate in a bit of interactive fun and games and then answer audience questions. It’s an opportunity to flex those intellectual muscles for an hour and switch focus – these talks are NOT about parenting!

Launched at The Wheatsheaf, Tooting, in March 2018 and regularly selling out, Babble Talks will be expanding to a second venue – the East Dulwich Tavern, from September 4th onwards. Talks in Tooting will continue.

Speakers have included Dr Susie Maidment, dinosaur researcher and Dr Charlotte Mykura, geneticist. Topics have ranged from DNA and ancestry (Dr Lucy van Dorp) to climate change apathy (Leo Barasi) and talks are available to listen again via the website. Upcoming speakers include Paul McGarrity, archaeologist, Professor Christopher Jackson, seismologist and Ana Sampson, poetry anthologist, among others.

“A godsend for the under-stimulated maternity leave brain” Lo Smith
“Babble Talks feeds my sleepy brain cells and gives me something to talk about that isn’t poo- sleep- or teething-related.” Kate Hilton
“A great way to learn new things with baby in tow”
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Babble Talks was founded in 2018, when Julian – youngest member of the Babble team – was four months old. Like many professional new mums, Ruth had jumped straight from a busy and demanding job into maternity leave and the world of babies, Although there were plenty of amazing activities on offer – from yoga to baby massage to classical music, cinema screenings and comedy – something was missing. What could she do to occupy the part of her mind that isn’t required for remembering where your head, shoulders, knees and toes are? How could she get around the fact that once baby arrives, attending evening events is so much harder?

The answer: a daytime event where expert speakers present a topic to a room full of parents and babies in an accessible and engaging way! An opportunity to avoid the feeling of detachment from the rest of the world that comes with a new baby, and meet like-minded people, connecting over something other than baby milestones.

Who Are Babble Talks?

Ian Bennett is a musician with years of experience in running and hosting events – this audience is a little different but the principles are the same! He’s also on a mission to make sure new dads are made to feel welcome at all baby activities. @Farrago_

Ruth Bennett is Editorial Director in a children’s publishing house. Whether it’s inside a story or in real life, she’s used to solving problems, exploring opportunities and asking, Why not?@ruthmarybennett

Julian Bennett is an expert baby, with over nine months experience of ruling the Bennett household. He is considering giving himself a promotion to the even more demanding role of toddler sometime soon.

Tickets are £7.50 in advance or £10 on the door.  Events last 1 hour, including a 20-minute talk, an interactive section and a Q&A. For parents with babies under 1 year-old. Follow @BabbleTalks on social media.  Opportunity to socialise over lunch after the event. The East Dulwich Tavern, London SE22 8EW (4th Sept, 2nd Oct, 6th Nov).