School’s out for summer! For some, this brings a welcome break from the daily grind of the school run, after-school activities, home learning projects and playground politics. Yet for many working parents, the summer holidays cause a few headaches as they struggle to balance clubs, childcare, holiday leave and employment. I fall somewhere between the two. I am writing this from my parent’s house, where I have camped out for a few days to finish up a few work bits and pieces while my mum entertains my son. I was hoping to feel more organised by now, but the end of term really seemed to sneak up on me amidst the chaos of school trips, sports day, summer fairs, end of term picnics and class social events.

Sports Day, or Challenge Day as it is known at my son’s school, was held on Peckham Rye again this year. Primary aged children wearing matching navy blue shorts and white polo shirts bounced in hessian sacks and excitedly tried to keep pace while balancing plastic eggs on spoons. I managed to miss the announcement for the Mum’s race for a second year running, much to my disappointment… *coughs*

Although, I did up my parent participation hours at the school summer fair to make up for it; and spent most of the day filling sandpits, emptying sandpits, cleaning sandpits and shaking sand out of my hair.

The Horniman Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for our end of term picnic with stunning views across London and many trees for the kids to climb.

However, if it is views you are after then you really can’t beat the one from the balcony of Aquarius Golf Club. I visited one of their Final Friday events on a parent’s night out and it was brilliant fun. The live music had everyone up dancing and I am sure you will not find cheaper Prosecco anywhere else in the area. Another great local drinking hole with wonderful views is the roof terrace at The Palmerston, which has now officially opened to the public. Get yourself up there for a glass of fizz and some tasty snacks from their bar menu.

This month we are looking forward to the biggest little festival in Honor Oak! The Aquarius Festival is back for its 6th year on Saturday 29th August. If you enjoy live music and very reasonably priced drinks, then this event is worth checking out. There’s also some great kids holiday clubs running over the summer including a creative writing session with award-winning children’s author, Gareth P. Jones.

Those of you with fur babies may enjoy the Dogs & Legs Exhibition at Boulangerie Jade this summer. Photographer Alison Romanzcuk has been snapping local dogs with just the owner’s legs. Quite how the personality of the pooch versus the footwear matches is up to you!

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See you on the other side!