Your business has plenty of milestones: when you started out, moving to bigger premises, or maybe entering a new market…

Just the opportunity to create a blog – keeping in mind your ideal clients and how you help them.

In this monthly article about digital skills, here are five ideas to help you create that celebratory blog.

1: Images

Think laterally. You may find just the celebratory image of cake you need… but searching for bunting may allow you to hit on something better.

Compelling images will add to your blog’s appeal. When you promote it, those photos will make your social-media posts alluring too.

There are plenty websites with free imagery if your budget is limited. I often use the sites Pixabay and Unsplash. (Please credit the photographer.)

If it’s a significant anniversary, consider working with a professional photographer.

2: Promotion

Think ahead to the attention you want the blog to garner.

Croydon Chamber of Commerce appears in some of my blogs, as well as the East Dulwich network Cooking with Scissors. When I promote the blog on Twitter, guess who I mention?

3: Look ahead

About to launch a new product or service that’s market-sensitive? You of course want to keep details close to your chest.

Otherwise, go ahead and give potential new clients, returning customers and referrers a flavour of your ambitions for the next year or beyond.

4: Celebrate!

Obstacles, challenges, problems…

You’ve faced plenty of those while building up your business. There’s a lot to celebrate, though, achievements aplenty.

Got a new client, or repeat work from an existing one? Entered a new industry? Teamed up with an associate to broaden your offering? Got a new distribution deal?

Unless client confidentiality prevents you, mention those milestones.

Gloss over the challenges? That’s hardly realistic. Explain how you have overcome them to deliver the quality of service you’re known for.

5: Walk the walk

Transmitting values by doing, rather than talking about them? Yes, there is that.

However if you try to back local traders, why not mention that the cake is from A, the bunting by B and the bubbles for your celebratory get-together by C.

That gives opportunities to post on social media and support other businesses too, inviting more eyes to reach your blog.


Writing the blog will give you heart as your work towards the next milestone. But before the hard graft and perseverance to get there, remember to celebrate all the progress you’ve already made. Congratulations!

This article is based on a longer blog post by Brian McGee here.

Photo credits: Monicore, stokpic and DariuszSankowski, on Pixabay.

This article first appeared in the February issue of SE22 magazine.