Over 20 female artists have their say on a blank canvas on the subject of coercive control and sexual abuse. The canvases are assembled into billboards, to create a ‘wall of unity’. Traditionally used for advertising, often objectifying women, the billboards serve as a reclaimed space where the female voice can be heard. The look of the billboards will depend entirely on the artists and their interpretation of the brief, making this exhibition truly exciting.

The ‘Weinstein Ripple Effect’ and campaigns such as ‘Me Too’ have raised public awareness of sexual abuse and encouraged open conversation. Abuse can be subtle, coercive and manipulative or it can be overt, violent and explosive. It can be shrouded in silence and hidden within plain sight, or can erupt into our awareness through news stories and scandals. How do we change the culture of victim blaming and what can be done to end violence against women? The idea for using billboards references, SaveArtSpace:The Future is Female, The Guerrilla Girls, and ideas explored in the film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.


Our artists offer insights from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, and are united in the belief that engaging with this subject will help to create a healthier society.
Andrea Blair – Anna Arianova – Claire Dorey – Claudia Iuliana Ciofu – Edori Fertig – Hitomi Kammai – Jackie Crawford – Joan Eytle Kendall – Julia de Greff – Julie Bennett – Kate Redfern – Karen J Smith – Kim Winter – Ky Lewis- Laura Symes – Liz Dalton – Maria Beddoes – Marnie Pitts – Mary Gordon-Smith – Mehreen Lodhi – Pat Cove – Paula Stevens-Hoare – Selena Steele – Sheila Fratini – Valerie Lambert – Veena Scialo.

The Portico Gallery is a not for profit community gallery. The team are dedicated to art for all and the belief that society cannot exist without it.

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