If you are thinking about taking a course and need some inspiration, Adult Learning Lewisham has over 700 part time courses to choose from. Talk to subject specialists on Thursday 30 November about their courses, take a tour of the creative spaces, take part in free taster sessions and enrol for courses starting in January 2018.

Lewisham School of Arts and Design brings together a group of designers, artists, and learners – showcasing work including upholstery, jewellery, prints, textiles and glass. A fantastic opportunity to enjoy, purchase and commission a bespoke piece, or even be inspired to join a class with Adult Learning Lewisham.

For more information visit www.lewisham.gov.uk/adultlearning

Adult Learning Lewisham Open Day: Thursday 30 November from 1-7pm at Granville Park Centre, 100 Granville Park, Lewisham SE13 7DU