It gives me great pleasure to announce the final offers from this year’s 11+ Senior School Entrance results. We are extremely proud to say that this year is the best set of results on record for number of offers and also for the number of scholarship offers.

Our Year 6 pupils have once again excelled and have gained places at some of the area’s most prestigious schools. There is a great range of schools that have offered places to our pupils, showing how far and wide the consideration of Senior schools has become. With 190 offers across the year group (which is more than 3 per pupil), the children have achieved great things through a balance of outstanding teaching, hard work, commitment to opportunity and willingness to explore new experiences. 

The number of scholarships awarded is truly astounding and again a new record for Rosemead this year. Ranging from Music, Sport, Art and Drama, as well as an extremely high number of Academic awards, these 67 scholarships really do show how we are providing for, and nurturing, children with a range of different talents and interests. Also, the number of all-round scholarships is particularly pleasing as we celebrate the balance of our education here at Rosemead.

I hope that this also shows that the 11+ entrance process should not be seen as one that should be avoided as, at Rosemead, you have the best chance of gaining the school place that is right for your child, with an extremely high chance of them being rewarded for their talents, abilities and interests. No other school in Dulwich will have the 11+ results to rival us this year.

Congratulations to all the pupils for their hard work and dedication, also to the staff involved for their advice, pastoral care and teaching over the years, which starts as soon as they join Rosemead and the effect continues long after they have left us.

We look forward to celebrating their success through the remainder of this term.

Phil Soutar, Headmaster