The Friends of Dulwich Square need your help to fund the now traditional Christmas Tree in the Square. 

Last year local people immediately chipped in when they heard about The Friends of Dulwich Square’s Crowdfunder for a Christmas tree in the Square. (This was previously funded by Southwark in less straightened times). 

Around a hundred people contributed and so we were able to have a tree to light up the darkest month of the year and bring some Christmas cheer – for the third year running. 

Please help us again this year.  

Last year the tree cost £2,600+fund-raising fees; our target this year is £3,000. This is to make sure we can cover all costs. (Any excess will be donated to Crisis at Christmas.) 

This would not require a huge donation from everyone who enjoys the Tree, so please help – and ask your friends to help too. 

You can make your donation here