It started with an email from a Governor connecting Dr Joe Spence, the Master of Dulwich College, with an anaesthetist atQueen Elizabeth Hospital and now, less than two weeks later, the Dulwich Design and Technology team are, with our 3Dprinters, producing over 50 full-face visors every day for health workers across south London. Our production should increase further with the addition of  five 3D printers supplied to us from JAGS (James Allen’s Girls’ School).

Moreover we have distributed over 650 pre-existing forms of eye-protection from the Science and DT departments, supplying 12 local surgeries, two hospitals and a care home.

This has been a truly interdisciplinary effort with support from our site officers collecting the hundreds of goggles and masks from across the closed College campus, and the Master leading the distribution of the PPE (personal protective equipment) tomany and various local locations, including the Maudsley, and, thanks to our own Dr Rosemary Leonard’s shout out, to local GPsurgeries.

Other schools and companies with 3D printers are also in production across the country, and we are sharing the source of the design with those who contact us asking for advice.

We are donating the PPE and, with the help of the Friends of Dulwich College, we will fundraise to replace all the existingstock and cover the manufacturing costs of making the visor.

r Rosemary Leonard wearing a visor produced by a 3D printer