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Home-made with Jessica Walker

Spring is served…. On these bleak grey days its wonderful to have a promise of Spring in the house. I went in search of a mix of Spring bulbs and fresh flowers, available almost everywhere. Using a pewter serving plate, found in one of the many charity shops on Lordship lane, and a mix of votives I “served Spring”. Gently separate the flowers and bulbs. I potted the bulbs and used moss to finish. Cut the flowers, and arrange in the votives.  I choose tulips, for colour and texture, and narcissi, for fragrance. I added a candle to my centre piece for delicate light. Finish by arranging extra moss around the tray. You can now sit back and embrace the fragrance, beauty and light of spring. SaveSave

Garden Talk: A Perfect Spring Garden

There is much to be said about focusing your garden on one season. If you’re trying hard to create all year interest in a small garden or within one border you will end up with all year disappointment. Unless you have a very large garden where you have space for a Winter garden, Summer borders and a Woodland Spring walk, it always pays off to focus on one season, or even to narrow it to one or two months so that at least your garden is at its peak at one particular time. And if you need to choose one season, well, Spring, is a splendid choice. The advantage with banking on Spring is that a lot of trees and shrubs that bear beautiful Spring blossoms tend to also offer spectacular Autumn foliage (I’m thinking June berries, cherry trees, crab apples,..). So you’ll get a double return on your investment. Don’t worry that by focusing on Spring you’ll sacrifice Summer. Summer will still be glorious with all the herbaceous plants coming back up, all the …