The Last Word – Tricia Keracher-Summerfield 

Hi!  I’m Tricia, a business, commercial and family photographer.  I turned my passion into a career and started Portrayed Photography in 2013 and haven’t looked back.  Over the years I’ve photographed many local families and several years ago expanded my offering to brand photography, headshots, commercial (products and food) and corporate photography.  I’m passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to tell their story with creative and impactful photography that enables them to connect with their audience and ultimately grow their businesses.    

How long have you lived in the area? 

We first moved to South London in 2005 and after a few moves around SE24, SE15 and SE22, settled in SE21 in 2013.   

What brought you here? 

We fell in love with the space, green neighbourhoods and proximity to Central London, not to mention all the great restaurants and pubs. 

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without? 

Definitely my camera!  I recently invested in a Canon R5 and I’m in love.   

Do you know your neighbours? 

We moved from Turney Road to South Croxted Road during the pandemic when we realised that our home couldn’t accommodate a family of five with two adults working from home and three growing children in and heading towards their teens.  We were quickly welcomed by our immediate neighbours and a few beyond and we’re looking forward to meeting more as we explore the area.  

The most famous person you’ve seen or met? 

The Queen.  Whilst studying for a BSc in Conservation of Decorative Arts, I had the opportunity to work in Buckingham Palace and met the Queen while up on scaffolding examining a frame in the gallery.  Our conversation was short and based on whether I was comfortable with heights.     

Do you belong to any groups? 

Yes, several brilliant networking groups for local small business owners and entrepreneurs including the Entrepreneurs Circle Dulwich meeting hosted (in person) by Angela Burgess, the Small Business Huddle hosted online by Shannon Reed and the pre-Covid monthly sessions hosted by Shona Chambers at her venue Space at 61.  All these groups have been invaluable support and I encourage anyone with their own business to get involved.   

What is your favourite place to eat? 

We’re spoilt for choice around here.  Favourites include Peckham Bazaar and sister restaurant Dulwich Lyceum (can’t ask for a better local!), Sweet Carolina’s Kitchen & Bar in West Norwood for shakshuka or empanadas, Miss Tapas, ForzaWine, Yama Momo, The Indian Dining Club in Gipsy Hill and Coopers in Crystal Palace where we recently celebrated our significant birthdays.  Coopers put together a delicious bespoke and creative menu for us and service was top-notch.  

Coffee or tea? Where? 

Odd, I know, but I don’t like either.  I do enjoy a hot chocolate and a treat at Sweet Carolina Kitchen & Bar in West Norwood.  

The best meal I’ve ever had.. 

Without a doubt, Duomo in Ragusa, Sicily.  We treated ourselves to the tasting menu and wine pairing ten years ago during our holiday around Sicily and it still holds the place of honour.    

My perfect holiday.. 

City or sights, beach, sun and great food!  Despite growing up in Canada, I don’t like the cold so give me a warm climate any day.  I love to explore and of course photograph everything along the way.  Food always plays a big part of our holidays and we generally research the best restaurants to avoid wasting an opportunity but also love to stumble upon hidden gems.    

You can learn more about Tricia and her photography at  

Photo credit Nicole de Canha