Annie Mitchell is the new Dulwich Festival Director. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia she moved to Herne Hill in early 2021. An avid traveller, she spent a decade studying and working across 3 continents, before returning home to SA to build a career in marketing, specialising in brand transformation and strategic partnerships in the finance industry. She loves food, wine, travel, live theatre and dinner parties full of good belly laughs. Annie and her husband Nick have two children aged 2 and 5.      

How long have you lived in the area? 

Just over a year.  

What brought you here? 

We moved to London (from Australia) for Nick’s work. The green spaces and village feel brought us specifically to Dulwich.   

What has changed most during that time? 

In our first six months, Covid restrictions and the temperature lifted in parallel!  

What do you most value about the area/street you live in? 

The community. People are so incredibly welcoming and friendly. We thought we were moving to a big anonymous international city, but it certainly feels like we have moved to a local village. I stopped counting at 200 new phone numbers in my phone!  

What’s one thing would you change? 

Air quality   

 Do you know your neighbours? 

Yes, about 30-40 on my street by name. They are wonderful. When we moved we had to quarantine for two weeks. Neighbours (that we didn’t know) delivered food, books, and toys for the children! 

Where are you likely to be found on Saturday? 

Parkrun with the family at Dulwich Park, followed by coffee and breakfast at the Dulwich Park café. 

Then generally there’s a children’s birthday party! Followed by seeing friends, or a meal/drinks in Peckham or Brixton. 

Coffee or tea? Where? 

Coffee, and lots of it. From Amelia at Christopher’s on Half Moon Lane. 

The best meal I’ve ever had… 

Anything home cooked at my family’s weekly dinners. I am one of 6 children (who all now have children!), so we regularly have nearly 30 people for a ‘casual’ Wednesday night dinner. It’s not what’s on the table, but whose around it!  

Cafe, pub or bar? 

100% Café: fresh, crisp, good quality produce and good coffee, in the sun! Bonus points if it’s somewhere overlooking water or a great view! 

The best kept secret… 

I played Rugby Union through university, as a loose head prop 

What is your favourite shop? What was the last thing you bought there? 

Jo’s House in Herne Hill.  Beautiful candles! 

My perfect holiday 

Heading home to South Australia. Beach and Countryside. Wonderful festivals. Delicious local wine and produce…what’s not to love?