I help people create a world they love when they open their front door! 

I’ve worked as an interior designer for over 20 years, largely designing luxury hotels.  My passion now is helping people unlock their home’s potential … to create their perfect sanctuary. 

How long have you lived in the area? 

About 11 years … I can always work it out as it was 9 months after that I gave birth to our second son.  Clearly it was a busy first weekend! 

Do you know your neighbours? 

Absolutely!!  My husband and I are thinking of moving next year, still in ED, but it will be sad to leave our gorgeous neighbours.  We have such a friendly road, even more so after our Street WhatsApp ‘Word on the Street’ grew through the pandemic, and our regular ‘Gin on the Bin’. 

We had an amazing Jubilee Street Party too (My husband organised it & DJ’d adding a 90’s raver vibe to the festivities.  My assistant entertained everyone with her incredible singing.  Fab-u-lous!) 

Where are you likely to be found on Saturday? 

After taking my younger boy swimming in the morning we normally have a jaunt down North Cross Road market for the obligatory Drum and Kernel popcorn stop-off. 

There’s often a lot of football watching in my house on a Saturday afternoon, so I love to escape and wander around our local streets, on a constant look to find undiscovered pockets that we could move to next year.  Getting a bit obsessed with walking along Wood Vale at the moment! 

What is your favourite place to eat? 

So many choices … but the Thai Corner Café is such an institution.  Always fun, great food and BYO.  What’s not to love! 

Where’s your favourite place to walk? 

When I need to chillout I walk up Underhill Road towards the cemetery.  I always turn around as I’m walking up to catch that beautiful view of the city.  Uplifts me every time!! 

What is your favourite shop? 

Jumping Bean, not only because they have gorgeous homewares, but because the staff there are particularly lovely and get on board when my assistant and I are filming videos … up to all sorts of antics for my Instagram reels.  

What was the last thing you bought there? 

A very lovely battery-operated lamp.  There’s never enough of these around and they’re fab to pop on shelves in particular! 

Oh, and a fancy V&A bookmark because it makes reading feel more special. 

The book I’m reading at the moment.. 

OK this will show you how woo-woo I’m going.  It’s called The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer. It’s the story of the journey he went on once he decided to look at his life as an incredible experiment and follow whatever life brought before him, whether he understood it or even liked it, trusting that the universe knew better than him.  Inspiring! 

My secret ambition.. 

To blend interior design with spirituality.  To be able to deeply connect with my intuition, and help Clients connect with theirs, so together we design their home intuitively … creating the PERFECT environment for them to feel supported, content and in flow. Bliss.