Irene is a local resident who has been living on Barry Road for 84 years.  We think this must be a record!  Irene was born in Dulwich Hospital and went to Heber Road School and Camberwell  School of Art. Irene is a retired Graphic Designer and Therapeutic Art Instructor, who now enjoys painting at home. 

How long have you lived in the area?  
84 years, in the same house in Dulwich.   What has changed most during that time?The fact that most houses in the area are now “Multi Occupancy” instead of single family residencies Also the loss of the lovely Department stores – Trundles in Lordship Lane, and Jones & Higgins, in Rye Lane, with its magnificent staircase and uniformed Commissionaire, also Holdrons in Rye Lane. 
What do you most value about the area you live in? 
I most value the green open spaces in the area; Dulwich Park, Peckham Park, Bel Air, Cox’s  Walk, and Dawson’s Heights. 

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without?One thing I would not do without is the brilliant transport links from Dulwich. One can get anywhere! 

Favourite place for a drink?  
My own kitchen with husband and large pizza! 

My secret ambition? To sing in the chorus of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. I am a keen amateur singer and would love to be good enough (Bit late now, however!) 
The most famous person you’ve seen or met?Now sadly, long forgotten, Oreste Kirkop, Operatic Tenor and later, Film Star. 
Do you belong to any groups?Until Lockdown, Koruso – Southwark Community Choir – Future now uncertain. 

Describe your perfect weekendTouring provincial Charity shops probably Kent & Sussex – on a good day we can “do” 28! This where I get all my unique clothes & Jewellery! 
What’s your favourite place for a night out?Probably Dulwich Tandoori. 

What’s your favourite place to go for a drink? 
Not Dulwich I’m afraid! “The Moon & Stars” Penge. 

The best kept secret…Belair Park 
Where’s your favourite place to walk?The Wild Garden, Peckham Park – I love the Gazebo and the pond. 
When I want to relax…My own studio at home, (if the painting is going well!) 
Best bargain you’ve ever landed..A Mosaic Brooch at a table sale, which I later sold on TV programme “Flog It” at a great profit. 
If money was no object..To own my own Art Gallery in Dulwich. 

The book I’m reading at the moment..Treating Arthritis The Drug Free Way. Margaret Hills, SRN. 
My perfect holiday..Anywhere in Southern Germany. 
My secret ambition..If only I was good enough, to sing with the chorus of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden.