How long have you lived in the area? 

12 years in total. 9 years on, 3 years off, and now coming back, hurray! 

What has changed most during that time? 

House prices!! I think what changed recently, and this is positive, is the new cafés and restaurants that have opened in the area. The Italian Sicilian café has some good deli selection and great coffee as well. 

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without? 

Lovely parks in Dulwich. We are almost spoilt with choices. Small, quiet park? Then Belair Park. A bit more action with a nice café? Dulwich Park. Want a small slope as you are super fit? Brockwell Park. You can always have a quick coffee at the Lido Café. 

The most famous person you’ve seen or met? 

Jason Statham. I see him a lot. 

Describe your perfect weekend 

Breakfast in the garden, followed by some reading and hitting the gym and a day trip to the countryside in the afternoon. I’m trying to make the most out of my National Trust Membership. They have gorgeous gardens and historic properties to explore. Quebec House is less than an hour drive. It is a fascinating building with beautiful grounds. 

Where are you likely to be found on Saturday? 

On my laptop doing admin on the couch or at Gok’s Fitness Hub in Dulwich Village  

What is your favourite place to eat? 

Walters in West Dulwich has really friendly staff. They have good beer and their food is real treat.  

Coffee or tea? Where? 

I can’t do without either of them. I’m Turkish. Romeo Jones in Dulwich Village, amazing coffee! I generally go for a black Americano. 

What is your favourite shop? 

Scotch Meats in West Dulwich as they have many other things other than their gorgeous meat. Veggies, cheese, bread, little fancy organic sauces… you name it! I like cooking at home and I stock up treats from them. 

Best bargain you’ve ever landed? 

My flat. I still feel I was so lucky. 

The book I’m reading at the moment.. 

Derren Brown’s Boot Camp For Life. I also keep watching his videos on YouTube. Do you know this guy? He is a genius. I really like his tv programmes and in this book he teaches you how to use his techniques to improve your own brain. 

My perfect holiday.. 

Warm Mediterranean sea side resort, a good book and sunshine. Kalkan in Turkey is full of good restaurants, almost guaranteed sunshine. There are some beautiful villas that are good value for money. 

My secret ambition.. 

Leaving something behind that benefits the next generations’ health and wellbeing. I published a book called Get Fit Stay Fit For Men Over 40 which is one of them haha. 

My name is Gokay (people call me Gok). I’m an international bodybuilding champ, ex Turkish Airforce sergeant and the head body transformation coach, founder of Gokay Fitness.