Annie alongside her business partner Anna runs AB Design and Interiors and Truffles and Ruffles Club – which is an exciting new umbrella to their business. We hold lunch events with carefully curated guest lists. Uniting people from all spheres of the Arts and Creative world. It has become the perfect platform for guests to network and collaborate in a relaxed, informal atmosphere at our homes. 

How long have you lived in the area?

I have lived in the area for nearly 20 years and it’s very much home to me now. 

What has changed most during that time?

The High Street Lordship Lane has changed dramatically, sadly a lot of the independent shops have had to move due to the high rents. Although there are still some remaining which I very much like to support. 

What do you most value about the area/street you live in?

The community spirit and my lovely neighbours – that I can easily call upon, whether I am short of a pint of milk, to a spare chair needed for a dinner party! 

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without? 

The Dulwich Festival and the Artists’ Open House. I absolutely love this event. We hold it at our house over both weekends and it really is the perfect opportunity to explore and seek out some fantastic artist’s. As well as the obligatory snoop at the interiors of the other houses! 

What is your favourite place to eat? 

Tough to answer in one – Maria’s Tortilla and Spinach. The Cheese Block for their Roti when you’re on the run. 

I also love to stray a little further away, and head to Ganapati in Peckham or Naughty Piglets in Brixton. 

Coffee or tea? Where? 

Redemption Roaster Dulwich Village for coffee and Kanella & Co for chai-latte 

What’s your favourite place to go for a drink? 

Drop Dulwich on Melbourne Grove or in my garden in the warmer months.The best kept secret…Melange Chocolate Shop and Cocktail bar for the most delicious and exquisite chocolate not to forget the best hot chocolate known to man! 

Where’s your favourite place to walk?

Nunhead Cemetry – One of the most beautiful relatively unknown gems. You’ll see many crumbling graves and statues, Victorian tombs and mausoleums all within a very green woodland. It almost feels like you are walking in the country. 

What is your favourite shop? 

Two shops side by side which is very convenient. Jumping Bean and Roullier White on Lordship Lane. Both perfect for buying lovely gifts for your friends or a treat for yourself! 

My secret ambition.. To learn to skip like a pro boxer!