Georgina Fekete, a first-time author who lives in West Dulwich has released an illustrated children’s book, Locksie and the Lurgy. Alongside her day job, Georgina Fekete is a volunteer for Doorstep Library in Lambeth. Doorstep Library is a charity that instils disadvantaged children with a love of reading and a passion for books.

1 in 3 parents never read their children a bedtime story. According to the National Foundation for Educational Research (2020) [1]  “the [learning] gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers had increased by 46 per cent” as schools were disrupted by the coronavirus lockdown in England. Reading in early life is so important for realising future potential.

During lockdown 1.0, Georgina recorded stories to inspire children to find joy in reading as the volunteers could no longer visit the families in person. Locksie and the Lurgy came to her one morning, as she observed the anxiety that the pandemic was causing in some children and she noted her own excitement in seeing her vegetables – tomatoes, radishes, carrots and mangetout – grow for the first time.

The story simplifies the Covid19 pandemic for children age 4-8 years, drawing on real-life experiences in 2020 through fictional characters who live in a small garden. With a very positive focus, it guides young readers to learn about health and nutrition, nature, gardening and seed-saving through relatable characters that are illustrated by Sara Pittaluga in an engaging and creative way.

One day a nasty lurgy comes to town. Locksie, a little girl, decides to plant some vegetable seeds in her garden. How will her vegetables – Tricky Tomato, Rigorous Radish, Caring Carrot and Masterful Mangetout – use their special powers to stop the spread of the lurgy?

“An enjoyable read with fantastic illustrations – Locksie and the Lurgy enables children to learn about coronavirus. I loved it and I am sure children near and far will love it too!” Mr. Quinn, Headteacher, St. Matthew’s Primary School.

“This is such a lovely book. I love that it simplifies the pandemic for children, and then focusses on something positive they can do, all as part of a fun and imaginative story that children will love.” Katie Bareham, Director, Doorstep Library

“I like Rad best as she is my favourite colour and she’s a super hero!”, Elodie age 5