A fabulous filler plant, easy to grow, long flowering and low maintenance, geraniums are a must for every garden. There are so many to choice from, but here are a few of the best.  

Summer Colour 

One of the most popular geraniums and rightly so, Geranium ‘Rozanne’ has striking large blue flowers with white centres and lovely mottled foliage. Happy in sun or part shade, its spreading habit makes it great ground cover, but do give it space. Most impressive of all is its amazingly long and late flowering period, from June right through to November.  

Newer hybrids include ‘Azure Rush’ a more compact version of ‘Rozanne’ with paler blue flowers and a larger white centre and ‘Lilac Ice’, a less spreading hybrid with fresh light foliage and pale lilac pink flowers. Geranium ‘Dreamland’ is another lovely geranium with pale pink flowers that will keep the colour going from May to September.  

Classic blues 

‘Johnson’s Blue’ is another classically popular geranium, with delicate foliage and a mass of papery blue petals from May to August. Great under roses or shrubs, in full sun or part shade – too much shade can make it a bit leggy. Similar varieties include G. ‘Brookside,’ with masses of intense blue flowers, and its slightly bigger seedling and G. ‘Orion’, which has larger, more violet blue flowers, on stalks high above the foliage.  

Shade lovers 

The spring flowering geranium phaeum with their wands of small flowers and striking patterned foliage are great for a shady spot, amongst ferns and snowdrops.  

Geranium phaeum ‘Black Widow’ is very stylish with its deep purple black flowers and beautiful dark leaf markings. ‘Samobor’ is very similar, with slightly browner flowers and paler leaves. Or for something less somber, ‘Alba’ has airy sparkly white flowers, great for lighting up dark corners.  

Other shade lovers include Geranium nodosum, which is perfect where little else grows and comes in pinks or white.  Geranium macrorrhizum varieties such as hot pink G. ‘Bevan’s Variety’ are also great ground cover for shady spots. 

Small and sweet 

Compact, low growing (around 20cm high) with dainty flowers, geranium sanguineum varieties work well at the front of a border in smaller spaces. Geranium sanguineum (bloody cranesbill) has vivid magenta flowers from March until June while the similar ‘Tiny Monster’ has a mass of larger shocking pink flowers until late autumn. Softer sanguinium ‘Album’ with small pure white flowers May to June but the beautiful pale pink flowers of sanguineum var. striatum will keep going until August. 

Show stoppers 

The bigger and bolder Geranium psilostemon with its vibrant magenta flowers and purple black eyes is stunning, but needs space. It flowers from June to August and the leaves turn fiery red in Autumn. The hybrid, ‘Patricia’ has the same dark eye but is a brighter pink and slightly more compact (60cm high) and longer flowering. The rangier Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’ has bright green early foliage and rich magenta flowers with a dark eye, again it needs space scrambling to a meter and flowers until September.