Spring Containers for Early Colour 

Although there may still be frosts and cold snaps to come, on a sunny clear day, it does feel like spring is on its way. If you didn’t get round to planting spring bulbs, or you’re waiting patiently for your daffodils to pop up, why not inject a little spring cheer into your garden by planting up containers with pretty seasonal gems. 

You’ll find lots to tempt you at your local garden centre such as Chionodoxa, Iris reticulata, crocus varieties, muscari varieties- white, pale and dark blue – and stunning Fritillaria meleagris.  Primroses, such as the delicate pale yellow native Primula vulgaris, or polyanthus varieties planted in pots will bring spring right up to near the house. Alpines such as saxifrage look pretty too in a window box or in small pots on the window ledge. 

In terms of colour, try to harmonise colours such as pinks, purples and blues or limit yourself to three colours such as blues, purples and pops of yellow such as Narcissus‘Tete a Tete’ for a pop of bright colour. Add Ferns for foliage as well as plants such as bergenia which are useful for both foliage and flowers at this time of year.  Camelias with their evergreen waxy leaves and showy flowers in whites, pinks or reds are wonderful for pots in the shade, adding evergreen structure as well as colour at this time of year. Viola are also lovely at this time of year. 

Grouping a cluster of pots together can be particularly effective. And if possible, plant en mass with one or several varieties. The great thing about pots is that you can change them every year and move them around or to create different effects and combinations – ideally all visible from the house so that you can see these gorgeous early blooms from the window.