Who doesn’t love a splash of colour? The Horniman this time last year burst into a glorious kaleidoscopic spectrum which helped really lift the spirits. The skies were clear blue and quiet without aeroplanes and the birdsong seemed more prominent. Despite the pandemic, nature and springtime still happened as per usual all around us in technicolour. Plus, we don’t have to travel to Japan to see our own Sakura – we have our own glorious tree lined East Dulwich streets laden with Cherry Blossom. 

I filmed and edited this clip to a 2003 trance track of mine “Beautiful”. I wanted to celebrate the positivity still around us despite the time of impending doom and gloom. I felt very lucky to live in a lovely neighbourhood with public parks and spaces. Lockdown forced us to find new creative solutions, working on new remixes of old tunes with my music producer sons – and I did a live zoom gig from my bathroom to friends all round the planet! www.aquamanda.net/musician 

Usually I would have guided the street art walks for Dulwich Festival in May. It’s been lovely seeing people doing their own exploring of these murals during their lockdown daily exercise. I put up the map and info on www.duwichoutdoorgallery.co.uk and @dulwichstreetart I can still do small groups so do contact me.  

Whether it be a huge mural or a tiny flower, thank goodness for beautiful things around Dulwich!