St Stephen’s Church in Dulwich (SE21 7HW) 

Sunday 25th July, 3pm and 7pm 

Did you know that the famous American landmark, the Statue of Liberty, was a gift from the French? What about that some of the most quintessentially “American” composers, such as Leonard Bernstein and Aaron Copland, studied with the renowned French composer and teacher, Nadia Boulanger? The connection between the United States and France permeates all forms of art, but in music it is particularly apparent. 

Over two programs, St. Stephen’s Chamber Players will explore this connection with a selection of fresh, light-hearted works perfect for Summer. Embark on a journey from Parisian cafes to the Great Planes of the American mid-west, from Manhattan to Lyon.  

PROMOTION: The Woodhouse Pub has kindly agreed to offer 20% off all food and drink for all-day ticket holders. The pub is only a short walk from the church and a great opportunity to treat yourself to a roast between the concerts. 

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