The Last Word – Angela Burgess 

I am the owner of SE Magazines which publishes three local community magazines in the area.  This month I am celebrating 18 years of my first magazine – SE22. 

How long have you lived in the area? I moved to East Dulwich in 2000 after living in and around South East London for 12 years.  I recently moved back up North to be nearer my mum and family but am in East Dulwich at least once a month.  Thankfully I have lots of friends with spare bedrooms! 

What brought you here? I originally moved from Nunhead as East Dulwich was beginning to show signs of being a vibrant area.  My favourite place to visit then was Blue Mountain on North Cross Road.  It was a fabulous café then which was just as well as there wasn’t the amazing choice we have now.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without? Coffee with my friends!  We have tried most of the coffee shops in the area. Jade regularly comes out top.  We consistently get served lovely cappuccinos.  The French Café and Café G are also on my list! 

The most famous person you’ve seen or met? I interviewed Stella Parton (Dolly’s sister) upstairs at The Palmerston (of old) when she performed there back in 2017.  I have also met Jimmy Nesbitt (also at The Palmerston!). 

Do you belong to any groups? Yes, I co-founded Cooking with Scissors with my friend Chris (Mac Support) over 12 years ago and we still running our informal networking group on the last Wednesday of the month.  We have changed locations many times after starting at Black Cherry, we are now at The Lordship. 

What’s your favourite place for a night out? My two favourite places are still Franklins and The Lordship.  Over the years there have been others but these are the ones that still offer fantastic food and friendly service. 

Where’s your favourite place to walk? Peckham Rye Park.  I really miss my Friday morning coffee and walk with one of my friends.  We started walking and talking during Covid and it stuck.   

When I want to relax...I go for a massage at HB Therapy.  Becca who originally started Therapy was one of my first advertisers and Yeliz who took over is one of the loveliest of ladies and very supportive of community.  So a massage or facial are high on my list of relaxing treats. 

What is your favourite shop? Postmark!  I absolutely love stationery and cards, so always stock up there.  They do a fab loyalty card too, so you get a discount each time you go back.   

What was the last thing you bought there? I tried to get a new diary as I wasn’t happy with the one I bought, but they had sold out of my brand.  So, I bought another month’s supply of birthday cards!   

If money was no object.. I would keep a small flat in East Dulwich so I can flit between the two areas.  But so far, my friends are putting up with my many visits! 

The book I’m reading at the moment.. The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins.  It has really helped me to get more focused on the things I want to achieve.  It really could benefit anyone. 

 My perfect holiday.. I am hoping it is the one I haven’t had yet.  My dream trip is to go to Japan which I am planning for next year. 

My secret ambition.. It is no secret but to keep publishing my magazines and serving the area.  I love the messages I get when the magazines hit the streets.  I am also very proud to support some of wonderful local charities with the work I do in the magazines.