Marion Colledge is a Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist and Massage Therapist who works locally in Honor Oak Park. She specialises in women’s health, hormones, gut and wellbeing. Marion lives locally with her husband, two teenagers and their dog. 

How long have you lived in the area? 

I’ve lived in SE23 for 16 years and before that in East Dulwich. The area has changed so much during that time. 

What brought you here? 

When I first moved from Germany to London in 2000, the only people I knew were in southeast London. I’ve been here ever since!  

What has changed most during that time? 

There are a lot more shops and cafes now and of course the Overground which was a game changer for the area. 

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without? 

The Rec in Honor Oak Park has been a place we’ve gone to ever since we’ve lived here – we took the kids to the playground and the field when they were younger and now it’s a good place to come with the dog. I like that it’s so well used, and I often bump into people I know. 

Do you know your neighbours? 

I know quite a lot of people in the area because we’ve lived here so long and through the kids’ primary school but also because I work locally at the Honor Oak Wellness Rooms. It’s a friendly neighbourhood which is one of the things I like most about living here. 

The most famous person you’ve seen or met? 

I’ve seen Helena Bonham-Carter twice – once at an airport in Austria and once I bumped into her (literally) in a shop in central London. 

Describe your perfect weekend 

It would include all or some of the following: dog walks, catching up with friends, sharing nice meals, spending some time with the family and maybe a trip to the seaside. 

What is your favourite place to eat? 

Locally its Babur for special occasions, otherwise Mamma Dough – always a winner. 

Cafe, pub or bar? 

All three! But if I had to choose one then I’d go for a cosy pub. 

Where’s your favourite place to walk? 

Sydenham Woods and Nunhead cemetery. Both are brilliant for dog walks, and you can almost forget you’re in a big city. 

When I want to relax…  
I spend time in the garden, read a book, watch a film or listen to a podcast. 

My perfect holiday.. 

Is a mixture of relaxation and activity, ideally somewhere sunny with good food and nice wine 🙂