SoLo Craft Fair normally runs craft markets in South London, and this Saturday was going to be Dulwich Spring Market, one of three huge markets we have in St. Barnabas Parish Hall throughout the year. The event has over 60 makers and designers showcasing their wares. When Covid-19 struck, we of course had to cancel this along with our other events. This meant cutting off the income source of hundreds of local small creative businesses.

This is where the idea of the Virtual Craft Market came in. We thought of the idea on a Thursday 19th March, with the idea of the first Market taking place on our Instagram Stories that following Saturday. The concept spread so quickly within these two days that we had over 200 makers take part in the first market from all over the world! The main focus of the market was to draw attention to these small businesses that would sadly suffer over the next few months. There was such a great response, it brought these makers and artists exposure and many made sales.

As the first event was such a success, we have decided to run the market weekly until isolation has finished. The success of the market is purely down to the online community of everyone involved. The market is free to participate in to enable small businesses are getting the maximum support we can offer during these hard times.

SoLo Craft Fair’s Virtual Craft Market takes place every Saturday 12-2pm on our Instagram Stories, each market showcases products from between 150-250 makers.