A video installation by Sara Mark with Julian Civiero

4.15pm-8pm daily until 24 December. St John The Evangelist East Dulwich.

“Christmas isn’t automatic, it can’t be taken for granted. It began with Mary, but each of us is asked to make our own contribution to giving flesh to faith in the world.”

Ronald Rolheiser

This video is inspired by the painted religious wooden-panels known as icons venerated in the Christian Eastern Orthodox tradition. The ancient custom of ‘writing’ icons dates from 3rd century AD Byzantium and they are considered to be a form of prayer rather than art; each colour and composition has a name and meaning. Icons depicting the saints, biblical stories and The Virgin Mary and Jesus are often given a red border, symbolising life-giving energy or eternal life. The two poses included in this video are:

The Virgin Hodegetria: ‘The Virgin who shows the Way’ (left)

The Virgin Eleousa: ‘The Virgin of Tenderness’ (right).

In this piece of video art, we are invited to contemplate God’s coming in a body to be amongst us at Christmas, so as to share with the whole world the way of tender love and peace.

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Please join us for our online Christingle service in aid of The Children’s Society on 24 December at 4pm.