Covid’s clammy clasp curtailed Christmas at Campo Camberwell Borders somewhat, with Dulwich’s diurnal Dorking date deferred and the wintery Wenceslaus Day wingding with Welling wiped-out. Nonetheless the administration of copious Night Nurse, chicken soup, and a helping hand from a Fisherman’s Friend or two got our boys back on track for the new year.  And while it is true that January’s results have been a little bit average – with Hamlet’s foxy form of football getting bogged down in the gelatinous gumbo of weather affected non-league pitches – the Pink and Blues remain within a strong whiff of the play-offs, dreaming of Conference glory. As the days lengthen and the pitches become firmer of form, who’d bet against The Sons of Edgar Kail ascending Mount Promotionpush like some sort of frisky Norgay. Failing that, a decent run in the London Senior Cup would certainly be a tonic. 

 Elsewhere yet more excitement in the extended Champion Hill universe, with Dulwich Hamlet the co-star of a new TV docuseries. “Save Our Beautiful Game” tells the story of the club’s new found best buddy and one time player Peter Crouch and his sterling efforts to revive the fortunes of South London’s number one club as it emerges from the privations of the pandemic. If you’ve been to see a game recently you might well have seen the dapper beanpole at The Stadio della Dog Kennel Hill Sainsbury’s doing his footer millionaire thing while blocking your view. The series also features manager Gavin Rose, heroic chairman Ben Clasper and an assortment of players, volunteers and fans as they work like mad things to keep our beloved club afloat. Well worth a watch once you’ve finished season two of The Witcher.  

Meanwhile Dulwich Hamlet continue to show why they’re much more than a football club, with a recent home game seeing the players donning a one off kit in support of Shelter’s campaign to highlight the plight of people with no safe place to call home. The club has since auctioned off the shirts, with all proceeds going to Shelter. Good show, with a special shout out to the club’s community team.  

Oh lummy is there an awful lot going down at The Hamlet or what.  If you’ve not been to watch a game yet why not plan to do so in 2022.  Home games tend to sell out quickly, so best to buy your tickets beforehand online if you can. Or you could try out one of the women’s team’s games on a Sunday where crowds are nudging 500, but entry on the door is as cheap as it is guaranteed (£4 adults, £2 concessions, U13s free).  

As ever, keep an eye on the Hamlet website at to keep up with all the latest news and to get details of all upcoming men’s and women’s team games. Plus why not head to the Supporters Trust’s site to check out the latest merch and to make sure you can have your say on the future of the club by joining the Trust  itself ( 

Here’s to the Moral Victory.