Covid’s clammy grasp has blighted Dulwich Hamlet’s season over the last month or so, with a run of bad results (PCR swab results) leading to the postponement of a slew of recent games. The Hamlet did manage one game during the Merryneum, when they secured a 2-1 away to the double trouble of Hampton and Richmond.  But otherwise the club’s balls have remained largely unkicked in anger for a while.

The hard fought result against H&R took the Hamlet up to the giddy heights of 10th in the league. And despite not playing since before New Year, results of teams around the team have been sufficiently mediocre that the pride of East Dulwich have barely shifted in the league. This is very solid stuff indeed.

With games dropping like a discarded Christmas tree’s needles across non-league football due to the pandemic, questions abound whether this year’s season will ultimately be null and voided. There is no sign of this yet. But we’re afraid there is also very little chance either that crowds will be allowed in to see the men’s or the women’s team for the foreseeable.

Despair not though Hamlet fans: the Pink and Blues’ top media team will stream any home game that does happen free at And they are very good indeed, producing an experience that is the next best thing to freezing half to death on the concrete tundra of Champion Hill.

A few off pitch matters to report.  Fan and local author Michael Wagg has penned a work of fiction inspired by Dulwich Hamlet’s greatest player, interwar England international Edgar Kail. You can order a copy at And the club recently marked the very melancholy one year anniversary of the death of Mishi Morath, a fan who was for decades a huge part of club life. We all miss you Mishi. The place is not the same without you.

As ever, please keep an eye on the club’s website ( ) for updates on fixtures during 2021.  And of course you can continue to look pretty in pink and blue by shelling out on merchandise via the Supporters’ Trust website ( Every pound spent goes to helping secure the club’s future.

Up the Hamlet and here’s to getting those shots pumped into our arms.

This article first appeared in the February issue of SE22 magazine.