So much has happened in the last year since I have been elected. We have agreed more than £90,000 of funding for local groups and projects; from bicycle hangars in residential streets, water fountains and benches in shopping streets, to funding much needed green screens at Goose Green Primary School, to combat the increased air pollution in the area. The climate issues are very real in East Dulwich, so every small action can help.

It’s officially Summer, with blue skies and warm, but the wait will soon be over, not Brexit, but the CPZ! The final decision will be made by the Cabinet member, Richard Livingstone early next month, due to the unprecedented high number of feedback and questions from local people and businesses in East Dulwich. There will be another period of public consultation on his decision, so will be no change, if at all, until the Autumn.

Warmer days and nights also bring other issues to our area, an increase in street and home robberies, so please be safe, keep your valuables secure and get a Smart Water marking kit from your local police, Tibor or Teresa from Goose Green Safer Neighbourhood team, via Twitter at @MPSGOOSEGREEN. Come along to the next Ward panel meet, on 10th September, 7 – 8pm, to hear how you can help your local area to be safe and tell the police what their local crime priorities should be!

We would like you to get involved in your local are by liking the new Empowering Dulwich Hill, Village and Wood, Champion Hill and Goose Green Facebook page. It’s a quick way to find out about a wide range of community focused events, from hearing about the latest competition to name the new health centre in East Dulwich to the Summer Play scheme at St Faith’s Care (29th July – 9th August). Events are run by local parents and community groups for the Dulwich area.

Don’t forget that if you have any concerns about your area, from parking to planning, housing to pollution and any neighbourhood I use, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or either of my ward colleagues Charlie Smith or James McAsh.

We have our usual monthly surgeries, on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month (except August) 7 – 8pm @ the East Dulwich Community Centre, 46-50 Darrell Road, East Dulwich, SE22 9NL.

Cllr Victoria Olisa