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Why maintaining weight loss is so hard

We’ve all heard about people who manage to lose weight, but how often do they maintain the new weight? Dieting is easy initially because you’re full of enthusiasm and can draw on willpower for the energy required in the first few weeks. Willpower is a finite commodity though and isn’t enough on its own. Willpower is also an energy-intensive resource, and needs to be fed. If you are relying on willpower alone to get you through the first few weeks, you need to feed that power by sleeping fully, keeping the mind busy with constructive pursuits and staying active. Early promise… Initially, we tend to see results because often the body dumps a load of water, rewarding us with a few pounds off the scales. Despite the fact that it’s fat, not water, that we want to lose, it’s motivating to see that dial go down on the scales. Usually with a bit of effort more weight can be lost, but after a while, it all starts to feel like hard work. Sound familiar? The …

How sleep affects weight loss

This is one of the most popular questions about sleep that is asked on Google, which is interesting as I think it’s an under-appreciated aspect of weight loss. The fact is, sleep plays a major role in fat loss (and in muscle gain as well). Sleep is a critical factor for almost every aspect of our health. So how can a lack of sleep affect weight loss? There are three major implications to a lack of quality sleep – and they’re all linked to hormones. Ghrelin Ghrelin is a hormone that regulates our appetite – its nickname is the hunger hormone. Ghrelin tells our brain that we’re hungry, and when it’s working well, we can rely on it to steer us towards food when we need it. It’s like following your intuition – you’ll know what to eat and when to eat. When you’re sleep deprived, there can be too much ghrelin in your system, causing feelings of hunger. This makes you far more likely to overeat and gain weight. Leptin Leptin is a hormone …

Dulwich Park Fun Run

The Dulwich Park Fun Run on Saturday 26th May is a family friendly fundraising event that brings together the local community, families, athletes, and the wider cystic fibrosis community for the event of the spring! Set in the beautiful Dulwich Park; the 10km race consists of runners completing the circular route six times, and the 5km racers running the route three times. Every runners will receive lots of cheering and water along the route, a medal and goodie bag to take home with you. There is ample parking, toilet facilities, water stations, refreshments available to purchase, and a bouncy castle for the little ones. Sign up here! Dulwich Park, London, SE21 7BQ Image: The Cystic Fibrosis Trust SaveSave SaveSave

New social netball league in Dulwich

Playnetball will be running a ladies recreational league on Tuesday nights, starting on 27th March from 7-9pm. The season will run for 12 weeks. This league is suitable for players who are returning to netball after a break, new players with a little experience picking up the game or players who just want a bit of a run around without it being too competitive. Contact Kerry for more information or to sign up: or 07895 790025 or find Playnetball on Facebook JAGS Sports Club Red Post Hill SE24 9JN Image: Kerry Brooks SaveSave SaveSave

HOT YOGA PECKHAM has a new home

Since 2015, Stevie Jamieson has been teaching popular hot yoga classes at various venues all over SE London. Over the past few months he’s being lovingly restoring a little corner of Peckham Rye to create a new calming and energising yoga space. They’ll be opening their doors on Sunday 18th February between 10am and 2pm can’t wait to welcome you to Studio 54! Pop along for a first look, a chat, an Old Spike Coffee or even try out their first class – half hour Espresso Yoga at 12 o’clock for a fiver! “I always say to people coming to yoga for the first time, all you really need is a big heart and a big smile – just enjoy it!  I’m a firm believer that yoga can help everyone, regardless of age, shape or ability and I strive to make my classes informal and friendly, where everyone feels comfortable to practice at their own level.   My favourite quote at the moment is ‘don’t practice yoga to get better at yoga; practice yoga to get better at living.’ …