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Education news: Establishing Positive Habits

It is the right time of year for you and your children to establish positive habits, says Simon Severino, Headmaster at Alleyn’s Junior School. September has come around again; the nights will begin to draw in, and the cycle of the school year begins afresh. Whether your child is new to school or moving up through the age groups (Year 5 already – how did that happen?), now is the perfect time to consider how to introduce or refine positive habits before the daily schedule glides into autopilot. A relaxed start is a positive start A consistent routine is a great help, and preparation is key. Activities such as packing school bags the evening before can help the morning run smoothly. Ensuring your child arrives on time to school, without rushing, provides a relaxed start that can have a very positive knock-on impact for the rest of the day. Establish a precedent for homework Encourage your children to write down their homework as accurately as possible, and do check their homework/contact books every day. Keeping …

Education News: Exciting Science

Ben Jones, Director of Science at Alleyn’s, on how to use the Scientific Method to encourage and feed children’s curiosity. It has become a mantra within the Alleyn’s science department that our aim is to encourage and to feed curiosity. But what makes our job as science teachers so enjoyable is that children are born curious. It stands to reason, therefore, that exciting children about science at home should be simple. Give your child a slinky spring and that should keep them occupied for the day and lead them to a complete understanding of the cosmos! Or not. A starting point when considering how to excite our children in science may well be to refer to the birth of modern science itself, and the development of the scientific method. So, in the style of Francis Bacon, here are some top tips: Encourage questions The scientific method starts when you ask a question about something that you observe, so listen to your child’s questions about the world around them and encourage them to ask more. Encourage …

Adult Learning Lewisham Open Day

Adult Learning Lewisham are holding an Open Day on Thursday 30th June from 1.30-8pm at their Granville Park Centre, Granville Park, SE13 7DU. If you are thinking about taking a course and need some inspiration, they have over 700 part time courses to choose from. Everything from art to childcare, glasswork to jewellery design, print making to floristry and much more. There will be drop in activities and specialist advice on offer. Tutors will be demonstrating glass painting, stained glass techniques, beginners upholstery techniques, machine embroidery and fabric embellishment, print making, and cake decorating techniques. Clothes making tutor Anne Mcleman will also be hosting a drop-in sewing skills workshop. Take a tour of the creative spaces, including the jewellery and glasswork workshop. Tours take place at 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm and will last approximately 20 minutes. Learners and tutors, many of whom are local artists, will also be selling beautiful handmade craft items throughout the day.