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Education news: Acting Up

According to the Oxford Student’s Dictionary, the word ‘Drama’ relates to an exciting or emotional series of events. Bryony Foley and Becky Manning, Drama teachers at Alleyn’s Junior School, tell us about the benefits of Drama for children and how to get your child involved. The benefits Drama helps children explore feelings, make sense of events, and encourages empathy, collaboration, and teamwork. This helps to increase a child’s confidence and self-belief – all while having fun. Encouraging the young ones Remember that a love of performance often starts with the dressing up box and you are your child’s first audience and play-mate. Help them to make the most of it: Read to your child and tell them stories to ignite their imagination. Have fun with role-play. Taking on the role of a character in a story will help your child gain insight into what they are reading and connect it to the real world. Role-play can also be a powerful tool to prepare for real life situations, like a first day at school. Use puppets: Puppets …

The Dulwich Players present The House of Bernarda Alba

The Dulwich Players is a leading amateur theatre group based in Dulwich, South East London.  From 18th – 21st February they will be performing The House of Bernarda Alba – a new translation by Jane Jones from the original play by Federico García Lorca. Set in a village in southern Spain in the early 20th century, this play was unusual for its time in having an all-female cast. The men are not seen but are constantly alluded to, and the influence of one in particular on this repressed household is eventually catastrophic. Obsessed with respectability and honour, Bernarda rules her house with a rod of iron. Her second husband has just died and in line with family tradition she declares an eight-year period of mourning, effectively incarcerating her daughters. Feelings run high when it is discovered not only that the eldest daughter from Bernarda’s first marriage has inherited a large amount of money, but that she is now set to marry the most eligible man in the village, Pepe el Romano, who has transferred his affections from …

Local Children Took a Magical Trip to Neverland Over the Summer Holidays

Perform Drama School ran some exciting Summer Holiday experiences for the local 4-8 year olds in East Dulwich last week. This five day course took them on a magical trip to Neverland with Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael as they help rescue Tinkerbell from the dastardly Captain Hook. Perform’s energetic young team of actors, musicians and dancers were with them every step of the way to inspire and encourage. Using funky dance and quick-witted improvisation, the children went on a dazzling adventure guaranteed to fire their imaginations. With colourful costumes, original songs and live music, the local children enjoyed a fun-packed week putting together a fantastic show that delighted family and friends. For more details contact Perform on 0845 400 4000, email or visit