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Homemade Pineapple Centre-sensation

Cherish the last long light days of summer, entertaining and eating al fresco. Decorate your table with this impressive and unique Pineapple centrepiece. You will need… A large pineapple A selection of flowers and foliage A kitchen knife Decorative plate or chopping board Method Step 1 Cut the top of your pineapple off Step 2 Scoop out the flesh, using a sharp kitchen knife. You can use this to make a desert or eat fresh. Step 3 Fill your pineapple vase with water, and place your foliage. Step 4 Add your flowers. I used gerberas and roses Step 5 Place on your plate or board so as not to stain your table or surface. Fire up the BBQ and wait for the compliments!

Homemade Citrus Centrepiece

  In the mid summer heat, flowers can wilt and die quickly. Try this vibrant citrus centrepiece; it will last for days, even if the temperatures soar… You will need…. A selection of citrus fruit. I used Lemons, limes, small oranges, kumquats and physalis. An oasis wreath Greenery, I used Bay leaves Toothpicks A kitchen knife and secateurs Ribbon- optional Step 1 Cut your greenery into aprox 4-inch sprigs Step 2 Working around your wreath; place the sprigs into the oasis to make an even base. Step 3 Using your toothpicks place the fruit decoratively into the base   Step 4 Cut 2 of the lemons into slices and wedges, and place in your wreath.   Step 5 Optional – I added ribbon for a more festive look – perfect for a party! Pour yourself a chilled glass of Vino Verde and admire your heat resilient masterpiece!

Homemade onion, chilli, herb and garlic tree

It’s BBQ time, and we will all need onions, garlic chilli and herbs to flavour and scent our sizzling feasts… oh and quite possibly a brolly! Sit this unique tree in your kitchen to add colour and flavour to this month. You will need… A selection of small onions. I used red and brown. Garlic Chillies, I used red and green to add colour Rosemary, bay and olive sprigs A pot of choice Kitchen foil Marzipan Step 1 Stuff your pot with foil. Step 2 Mould your marzipan into a cone shape, creating a food safe base. Place onto your pot Step 3 Using the toothpicks arrange your onions and garlic around the tree evenly. I used a chopping board to help plunge the toothpick into the harder onions and garlic. Step 4 Now add the chillies Step 5 Finish your tree with sprigs of herbs Place in your kitchen and fire up the BBQ, Happy sizzling! This article first appeared in the July 2018 issue of SE22 magazine. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

Easter Egg and Flower Tree

Impress your friends and family this Easter with these adorable chocolate egg and flower trees. Use as place settings or as a centrepiece… they won’t last long as the tree is entirely edible! You will need: White marzipan Cooking chocolate – I used dark, but milk or white would also work Mini eggs – I used traditional Cadburys Sugar flowers Pink tissue paper A small glass vase or votive Edible glitter to finish Step 1 – break your cooking chocolate into small pieces, place in a Tupperware container and melt in the microwave. Step 2 – tear a piece of your tissue paper and place in your vase or votive Step 3 – mould your marzipan into a ball and place on the top of the vase. Step 4 – using the melted chocolate as glue, work around the marzipan ball with the eggs and flowers to create your tree. Step 5 – finish with a dusting of edible glitter. You have created a total unique pretty Egg tree. Hide them so they don’t get …

25 beautiful craft projects to blow your blossoms

Local craft designer, Hannah Read-Baldrey, is on a mission to bring Flower Power to everyone in her new book FlowerBomb!. Hannah’s love for flowers goes back as far as she can remember and her idea behind FlowerBomb! is ’to create a decorative explosion of beautiful flowers across your home and life to bring floral joy to your world’. With catwalks and high-street shops brimming with florals, it’s a timely release that will inspire new and experienced crafters alike. Hannah brings out the beauty of flowers through various crafts including papercraft, embroidery, stencilling, sugarcraft, clay craft, felting, weaving, sewing and crochet. The book features 25 projects divided into three chapters: Floral Home, Flower Fiesta and Floral Fashionista. Projects for the home range from a woven aster wall hanging and a painted flora teapot, to scented candles and flower bath bombs for relaxing nights in. In chapter two, Hannah, who is a professional stylist, shows how to add floral touches to parties and occasions with a flower garland, a giant paper peony and a showstopper cake with sugarcraft …