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Step Inside Dulwich: Splash the Colour this Spring

At long last the first signs of spring have arrived, the dormant flora and fauna is bursting into new life bringing a splash of colour back into our lives. The Dulwich area has suddenly transformed itself into a vibrant, idyllic residential Arcadia. One can almost feel the anticipation in the air, creating the opportunity to cast off the heavy claddings of winter for the lighter more radiant colour’s of spring and summer.

Springtime signals the chance for new beginnings: for cleaning, refreshing and rejuvenating home and garden; to cast-off the drab, dull and boring replacing it with the new and exciting.

Where better to start than redecorating a favourite room, entrance hall or stairway?

The latest colour trend predictions released from the world’s leading authority, Pantone® suggest that a colour palette of muted, earthy tones will be finding their way into our homes and will include these top ten colour hues for the Spring and Summer of 2017.

Just imagine the refreshing effect of transforming your room from the ubiquitous Magnolia – covered walls with a splash of colour on a feature wall or soft furnishings using any of the fabulous on-trend colours above.

If none of these latest trend colours capture your imagination or suit your particular taste, there are so many fabulous colours’ to choose from. If you would like advice on ways to add style using colour we will be happy to provide you with a ‘no obligation’ consultancy session where we suggest ways to enhance your home within a budget that you can afford.

Ems Penniston is Creative Director of Impressions London, a local business transforming residential properties in our area.

As I mentioned in my first article, I am really keen to hear from any reader who would be interested in having their property featured. Next months edition will report on our first home visit to a town house in College Gardens, an award winning new development built in 1968.

Please get in touch if you would like your home to be featured. I can assure readers that your security and personal privacy will not be compromised in any way. I believe that their are many people who are really interested in learning more about the history and interiors of the many beautiful homes in and around Dulwich.

contact: hello@impressionslondon.co.uk










KALE (earthy green) One of the season most popular colours, it is the colour adorning the walls of many bars and chic restaurants.


PRIMROSE YELLOW (muted yellow) This soft sunlight hue is reminiscent of nature, fashionable with designers, used with other natural colour’s.


NIAGARA (denim blue) A sophisticated and relaxed colour favoured by many celebrities and trendsetters.


FLAME (coral) fashionista’s favourite, inspires feelings of gregariousness and vivaciousness.

A real showstopper when you walk into a room.


ISLAND PARADISE (pale blue) An eye-catching colour, indicative of tropical lagoons and calm relaxation.


PALE DOGWOOD (pale salmon) As far as designers are concerned, this colour creates

a feeling of lightness, airiness and calm.


LAPIS BLUE (navy) Adds a touch of vitality and energy to the traditional colour of navy, not to mention a splash of inner radiance.


PINK YARROW (bright pink) A familiar shade used in makeup and cosmetics. It’s now finding its way into the soft furnishing industry.


GREENERY (flourishing foliage) Adds a refreshing feel, that evokes our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. The fertile colour prompts one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.


HAZELNUT (latte coffee) Designers are using this colour for its warm undertones and neutral

hue. It’s a colour that can be used for feature walls in bedrooms and lounges.