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The Last Word: Johnny Woodbine

Johnny WoodbinePhoto

The backbone of Push Studios, Johnny is their Studio Manager extraordinaire!   With his tremendous organisational abilities, humour and dedication he is the man to know. 

How long have you lived in the area?

I have lived nr Upper Norwood for the past 6 years – I’d choose South over North every time. SE Londoners just seem to be more chilled out and relaxed and happier, maybe it’s because people who live on hills are happier! I believe anything I’m told

What brought you here?

2 years ago I left the Mothership of Chelsea aka Peter Jones to come and work at Push Studios and haven’t looked back since. It’s a lot different to the hustle & bustle of the Kings Road, friendlier without a doubt I’ve not been run off the path and pushed in to the road by a lunatic who is on mission to be somewhere 30 minutes ago!

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without?

Cake…I love cake, cake is the best but then so is chocolate …. Mmmm chocolate cake…

Do you know your neighbours?

I know nearly everyone in the neighbourhood…that’s the beauty of Push I get to meet lots of lovely people J

Describe your perfect weekend

A warm and sunny one – I just wish there were more of them! Wine and cake would feature heavily in it too

Coffee or tea? Where?

I like a pot of tea at Franklins Farm shop sitting out in the sun but more often or not its a quick run across for a coffee and back to my desk at work

The best meal I’ve ever had…

I’ve not really been out for a meal in Dulwich but everyone I know tells me the ‘Begging Bowl’ is top notch… but the best ever meal I have had was The Chefs Table in The Marcus Wareing restaurant at The Berkeley. It was totally amazing…we had something like 12 courses and our seats were situated in the kitchen so you could see everything going on…I would hate to be a chef in that situation, he couldn’t get away with dropping anything on the floor and quickly pick up and wipe it down his apron and bung it back on the plate like we all have at least once when we have hosted a dinner party at home! Be honest, yes you have!!!!

Cafe, pub or bar?

Yes to any of the above, when and where and are you paying?

What’s your favourite place to go for a drink?

Is this a trick question? like… it’s a pub! Where else would you go for a drink?

The best kept secret…

Well it has to be The Crystal Palace Subway. There’s a campaign to open them up to the public as they have been closed for years and you can only see them by going on a guided tours at the moment. They were built so people could walk straight from the trains to The Crystal Palace without having to cross the muddy roads in all their finery.

Where’s your favourite place to walk?

Pathways – I find them to be far safer than walking in a busy road otherwise I love walking around Crystal Palace Park – the old ruins of the once glorious gardens just make you think how magnificent it must have been in its heyday plus the Grade II listed dinosaurs, the Amphitheatre and the maze make for a great day out. Dulwich park is pretty cool too, love the walk around the lake and I’m desperate to go for a spin on one of those banana bikes but being 6’4” I think I’d end up Kings Hospital being junior hacksawed out of the frame work if I ever tried to get on one.

What is your favourite shop?

I have 2 – Mrs Robinsons, the gifty shop one not the ladies fashions one coz that would just be weird, me in a skirt and William Rose Butchers

What was the last thing you bought there?

A belt and some liver…obviously the belt was from Mrs R’s and the liver was from the butchers, just to clear up any confusion.

My perfect holiday…

I am not a ‘sit on the beach and read a book’ kinda boy – I’d rather be off exploring doing things so a holiday that has loads of stuff to do is my perfect holiday… I’ve white water rafted down the Zambezi River, scuba dived through the cenote caves in Mexico and have been dragged behind a speedboat like shark bait when trying to learn to water ski… tall people are not designed to waterski…however if anyone who works in the insurance business “I go on holiday and sit on a beach”

My secret ambition…

To be shorter and to be able to waterski and look good in a wet suit.