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Imogen Davis: Young Dulwich Artist at the Jeannie Avent Gallery

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An East Dulwich artist aged only 18 has the thrilling prospect in view of staging her first solo-show; exhibiting her photography early in the New Year in a commercial London gallery.

Camberwell foundation art student Imogen Davis’ striking photography will be at the Jeannie Avent Gallery in North Cross Road between 9th to the 22nd  January.   This is not her first such venture.  When only 17 and studying art at Sydenham School, she organised a successful show in a Hither Green gallery of works by her and two fellow A-Level  art and photography students.

Her images range from landscapes inspired in part by the celebrated American photographer Ansel Adams, to those that seek to make the everyday unfamiliar: burnt feathers or jewellery ‘bubbling’ in lemonade.

“I am taking fine art photography as a part of my Camberwell course.  Before it was just a hobby, but now I have the chance to experiment and push ideas further.  I find I am most interested in working with simple, ordinary objects; drawing attention to their beauty and making them unusual by playing with scale or putting them in unfamiliar contexts.  A few of my most recent photographs have involved  ‘layering’: superimposing photographs I have taken of sections of a leaf, for example, onto other images.

“I love taking photographs; my images help me to express myself in an imaginative way without drawing attention to myself personally, they help me to show emotions I may otherwise be unable to show,” says Imogen. “There is a tradition of photography in my family.  My grandfather was an in-house photographer for one London’s big stores and then had a long freelance career and I do borrow his kit from time-to-time.”

14 North Cross Road, East Dulwich SE22 9EU.