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The Idea Behind Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich Photo Competition


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24 Hours in Dulwich’ was a photography competition with a unique twist as part of this year’s East Dulwich Literary Festival. Between midnight on Friday 6th June and midnight on Saturday 7th June, participants had to take a unique photograph of Dulwich. There was no limit on subject matter or style – it could be an overall summing up of what Dulwich meant to them, or a quirky scene captured on that particular day.

All of the entrants submitted fantastic photographs, with many unique interpretations of the theme, and different perspectives on the local area.

Fraser Burrows – 1st Prize

James Bunch – 2nd Prize

Qadir Adelasoye – 3rd Prize

Hugh Pimblett – Highly Commended

Qadir Adelasoye said “I have lived in East Dulwich for about two and a half years and I’m drawn to its absolute serenity, beautiful landscape and warm people as well as its historic attributes which are quite similar to the area where I spend most of my teenage years in Nigeria. I wanted to capture one of the important and historic landmarks of Dulwich, and what better way to do that than with “The Dulwich Toll” which is the only surviving toll gate in London!”

James Bunch said: “When I thought about how to capture Dulwich in a single image, I began to weigh the options, the beauty of High Street, the parks, the people, many ideas came to mind. In the end of it all though I decided to go to Dulwich park as the day was beautiful. Walking around the park I came upon the Bowls club there and observed a group of guys playing. I photographed them for about an hour or so. It was great to watch and talk with them while I was there. Being able to present an image for the competition for me was more about getting to share the beauty of Dulwich and the people that make it what it is.”