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Homemade Feed The Birds, Pinecone Bird feeder

Feed The Birds, Pinecone Bird feeder

As the ground freezes, birds are looking for calorific food. This practical and attractive Pinecone covered in seed is perfect.

You will need:

* A large pinecone

* Fat – I used lard

* A plastic jug or bowl

* Bird seed

* Garden string

Step 1

Put your fat into your plastic jug or bowl and melt the fat in a microwave

Step 2

Dip the cone into the fat several times, so that the cone is generously coated

Step 3

While the fat is still not set, sprinkle liberally with bird seed.

Step 4

Tie the garden string to the cone, so that you can hand it from a tree.

Now sit back and enjoy the birds!

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