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The Great Wall of Stillness!

The Reception Team at Stillness Infants School in Brockley had been researching ideas for the outside space and wanted to make something bright and colourful for the children. The area is an extension of the classroom and as such any images needed to complement the curriculum clearly defining each learning space. We decided to create individual panels that would provide backdrops for the topics covered throughout the year. A rainbow scene for ‘Once upon a Tale’ a unit that covers traditional fairy tales, a map of the World for our unit on travel ‘On the Move’ treasure maps and landscapes of London for role play etc, which was 48 meres in length.

We had a limited budget to work with so wanted to be able to spend as much of the money we had on equipment, costumes and learning resources for the children.  Brock, father of Olive in Red class offered to help and organised with two other Dads, Neil and Lawrence to paint the scenes on the wall for us. Before the walls could be painted they needed to be treated with stabilising paint. Costing up the treatment and paint we looked at sourcing through community paint initiatives when Brock approached Whites Suppliers who kindly gave their assistance with discounted materials. Over the next six months the team came in to school each Saturday and Sunday to complete the walls. They also worked throughout the half terms managing to complete everything ready for the start of the Summer Term.

As a school we are completely reliant on parental contributions for things of this nature. We are delighted with the end result as it has not just impacted on the Reception children but also the nursery who see the walls from their classroom and the staff who look out from the staff room on to the walls.

We are very grateful for the effort that the team have put in and the generosity of Whites which, combined, made this project possible.

This article was submitted by Stillness Infants School and first appeared in the June 2017 issue of SE23 magazine.