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Five Sophisticated Halloween Pumpkin Ideas!

WOOOOH… It’s that eerie time of year – Halloween! The shops are full of plump Pumpkins to carve into those scary lanterns for the children. But why not buy a couple more and make them into beautiful grown up decorations. Here are five simple ideas to inspire your creativity…

Paint your hollowed pumpkins in pretty pastels and create a flower arrangement using an oasis floral foam bowl that fits. These would make a great centrepiece for a grown up dinner party or you can display in the windows around your house for a more refined Halloween.

Use inexpensive upholstery studs to create a design by simply sticking them into the pumpkin. You could also add self-adhesive crystals or bits of mirror for that added opulence.
It will create that WOW factor.

Create a decorative ‘Chinoiserie’ inspired pumpkin, by a simple bit of decoupage using printed paper napkins and PVA glue.

Make use of Grandma’s old lace doilies! Add different sizes to create a layered look using a self-adhesive aerosol spray and/or PVA glue.

For that extra bit of fun why not turn a large pumpkin into an amazing drinks cooler!
Simply cut the top off and scrape out the insides, place a bowl that fits the cavity, fill with ice… VOILA!!!!

Now where’s my glass of bubbles?

Ems Penniston is Creative Director of Impressions London, a local business transforming residential properties in our area.

contact: hello@impressionslondon.co.uk

This article first appeared in the October 2017 issue of SE22 magazine.