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Dulwich Martial Art Classes for Children


South London resident, Dr. Ramses Seleem, a world-renowned martial artist, author and teacher, has been teaching children’s martial art classes in Dulwich for the last ten years.  Due to popular demand, the class is now being extended to include children from a wider age group, from the age of 5 up to 15.

Sebek-Kha, which was founded in Egypt in 45,000 BC, is the oldest martial art in history and the precursor to the more well-known Oriental martial arts, such as Karate and Kung-Fu.  The preparation of the warrior is as important in Sebek-Kha as the fighting techniques themselves.  Dr. Seleem’s classes, therefore, include stretching, breathing, postures and balance, in addition to the technical fighting skills of Sebek-Kha, in order to build an excellent foundation in physical fitness and confidence.

Dr. Seleem, who is the former head instructor of the Egyptian Karate and Kung-Fu Federation, studied Sebek-Kha in Egypt from the age of 3 and also holds a first degree black belt in Judo, third degree black belt in Karate and Sifu degree in Kung-Fu.  Currently living in south-east London, Dr. Seleem is Principal of Sia Academy For Ancient Egyptian Studies, through which he teaches courses and classes in all aspects of ancient Egypt, as featured in The Sunday Times, Living South, South London Press and the Dulwich Guardian.

As he says, “The ancient Egyptians considered the human body to be the ultimate textbook for the universe and, therefore, they believed that ‘it is impossible for us to learn elsewhere what we are incapable of learning within our bodies’. Today, we have developed the outer sciences at the expense of the inner ones and so, while many of us know everything about our car, we know nothing about our liver or the lipoprotein in the bloodstream. How many bones do we have? How many muscles, vertebrae and joints? How many sutures are there in the skull and what is the significance of these numbers?

In discovering the answers to these questions, we begin to understand the human form as an entity and as part of the universe around us. Then we can consider other questions: where do we come from? What is the purpose of living? What happens after death? What are good and evil? How many seeds have we planted in this life for eternity?

All these questions can be answered precisely and practically through the teachings of ancient Egypt.

Children’s Junior Sebek-Kha classes for children aged 5-15 are held on Saturday afternoons (2-3pm) – price £6 per class or £20 per month; special half-price discount on monthly fees for anyone bringing a friend/sibling.  Weekly adult classes in Sesh (stretching) and Sebek-Kha (warrior training) are held on Monday evenings (8-9pm) – price £20 per class or £75 per month; half-price discount for young people aged 16-25 years.

All classes are held at Herne Hill Methodist Church Hall, 155 Half Moon Lane, London SE24.  Bookings by prior reservation only.

Sia Academy For Ancient Egyptian Studies, www.siaacademy.com. 
Tel 020 7737 2260 E-mail siaacademy@btconnect.com