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The warmth of Spain arrives in Dulwich 

Cancion Gitana present their Flamenco spectacular Al-Andalus at St Barnabas Parish Hall, 23 Dulwich Village, on 29th February at 7.45pm (doors at 7.15pm).

Al-Andalus journeys through the history and the culture of the most important Flamenco cities of sothern Spain in a 75 minute spectacular which re-creates the stunning heat, the riotous colours, the joys, the tragedies and the passions of Andalucia in Dulwich Village.

Choreographed by respected Flamenco dancer & teacher Helena “La Leyenda “ ( Sadlers Wells, BBC TV, Channel 4, Duende Flamenco ) the 75 minute spectacular is an artistic creation of a multi talented international company of dancers, guitarist, singer & narrator, with principal dancer Helena, the voice & poetic skills of the multi talented Rosario Serrano (Ballet Rambert, Duende Flamenco Company) from Madrid, stylish dancer Varina Verdin, the ethereal voice of the legendary Andalucian cante jondo singer Fernando Reyes & the musical arrangements & passionate Flamenco guitar of Tomas de Cordoba.

In a 75 minute spectacular with many costume changes, narrations & dramatic poetry in Spanish and English, slide projections & striking lighting, Cancion Gitana create a Flamenco dance theatre performance of a kind rarely seen on UK stages as they explore the origins of Flamenco among the major Andalucian Flamenco cities.

All tickets £17.50.  Info and Tickets from or text/call 07758 752 257.

Author events at Carnegie Library

A Marvellous Party with author Ian Elmslie (LGBT History Month)

“Join the party and tuck into a cornucopia of ticklish memoirs, celebrating fifty glorious years of legalised love, and starring some unforgettable meetings with pionqueers, and personal heroes, heroines and icons from the world of entertainment.”

Tuesday 11th February at Carnegie Library, Herne Hill Road, SE24 0AG.

Free event organised by The Friends of Carnegie Library, welcoming tea and coffee from 6.30pm.

5 Steps To Help Set Achievable Health Goals And Succeed!

Happy New Year and welcome to January 2020. I hope you’re doing well with your resolutions and your goals. You may have found you’ve already had a little bit of a wobble. However, whatever stage you’re at, I want to talk about how you can make your goals a success.

The fact that we’ve entered a new year isn’t going to be enough to get you through the stages of change. You cannot rely on the fact that it’s a new year with a “new year, new you” concept. You really need to be clear on your intent – the calendar change isn’t enough.

Ask yourself, what is your intent? What do you really want to get done?

I would always try and find out what really sits behind that goal, because very often it is more than just the weight loss (for example). What it really could be about is repressed trauma, or very low self-esteem, or even a deep anxiety about your future health – it could be any number of things. But it’s harder for people to admit that and a weight loss goal is something that we all accept – especially in January. So, ask yourself the why, why, why do I really want this, until you get to the truth of what you want to achieve. Stare that in the face and get comfortable with it.

One of my suggestions is to think about the five stages of change:

Pre-contemplation phase: The first stage – you think you might want to do something. Start to entertain the idea, but you’re nowhere ready to do the piece that I’ve just talked about.

Contemplation phase: If I’m going to do this, what might need to happen? How am I to feel? How much time do I need to allocate to it? This is a really important phase.

Preparation/Research phase: The preparation or the research phase is very much about looking into who might help you, what do you need to know, where might you need to go, what kind of support’s available, who else has done it really well and look at case studies and testimonials.

Action phase: That’s getting in touch with a coach. It’s doing an online quiz. It’s looking into what gyms you can join; what classes are available. That’s where you’re, as the name suggests, taking action. By this point, you’ve made your mind up of what you’re going to do. What your intent is and why now is the time you’re going to do it.

Maintenance phase: The final phase comes in. That’s where you’ve achieved what you want to achieve and now, you’re just maintaining that goal.

Those are the five stages of change. Think about where you are in those stages, and don’t try and jump ahead too quickly. Follow all of the stages and get clear on your intent, pick apart what your real goal is, not the one you think is acceptable to people or yourself. Get clear on why now is the time to make a change and understand where you are in those stages of change, and you’ll very likely to be successful. Of course, we wish you all the best.

Leanne Spencer

This article first appeared in the January 2020 issue of SE22 magazine.

Plastic Free East Dulwich

Plastic Free East Dulwich are holding their next event at the Lordship Pub on Thursday 23rd January, 7pm. It’ll be a jam-packed talk so make sure you join!

The folks at Veolia will be talking about the great work they do in helping to drive the UK towards a circular economy with their waste, water & energy services.

Plastic Free East Dulwich will also be speaking about the work they do to free our community of plastic.

It’s the time for new year’s resolutions, and if you’ve made it yours to cut down on plastic this year, make sure you come along to hear tips on how to achieve this.

The event will be free – you can get a ticket on the Eventbrite or Facebook links below, or just turn up and bring your friends and families!

PFED Eventbrite Ticket Page

PFED Facebook Event Page

Jack & The Bean Stalk

Pirate Productions return to present their ninth Pantomime at St Augustine’s that have proved extremely popular and hugely entertaining for all ages.

Thanks to the generosity of a professional cast, all ticket monies will go to charity. Over the last eight years £52,000 has been raised to support the church and charities such as Croydon Night Watch, St Christopher’s Hospice, Carry The Future and ALD.

St Augustine’s is a beautiful church. It is also in a beautiful location on top of One Tree Hill.

On Saturday 25th January there will be two performances, one at 3.30pm and one at 7.30pm and on Sunday 26th there will be one performance at 3.30pm.

Jack & the Beanstalk
St Augustine’s Church, Honor Oak Park
London SE23 3LE

Tickets £12.50. Children and concessions £9. Tickets available here.