Author: Jessica Walker

Homemade Feed The Birds, Pinecone Bird feeder

Feed The Birds, Pinecone Bird feeder As the ground freezes, birds are looking for calorific food. This practical and attractive Pinecone covered in seed is perfect. You will need: * A large pinecone * Fat – I used lard * A plastic jug or bowl * Bird seed * Garden string Step 1 Put your fat into your plastic jug or bowl and melt the fat in a microwave Step 2 Dip the cone into the fat several times, so that the cone is generously coated Step 3 While the fat is still not set, sprinkle liberally with bird seed. Step 4 Tie the garden string to the cone, so that you can hand it from a tree. Now sit back and enjoy the birds! For details of Jessica’s workshops please e-mail Jessica

Homemade Autumn Table Decoration

You will need: A wet oasis wreath base, I used 14inch Greenery of your choice, I picked mine from the garden Flowers of your choice, I used crystamums Munchkins and/or miniature guards Cocktail sticks, secateurs and a chopping board Step 1 Prepare your oasis wreath by soaking it in cold water. Step 2 Place the damp base on a chopping board, to avoid staining any surfaces. Step 3  Cut your foliage into 4/6inch piece, using your secateurs. Step 4 Place them into the oasis, working in a clockwise direction to make an even base Step 5 Add your munchkins using the cocktail sticks Step 6 Finish your creation by adding flowers. You can now enjoy the warm glow of autumn in the comfort of your own home! This article first appeared in the October 2018 issue of SE22 magazine.

Homemade Pineapple Centre-sensation

Cherish the last long light days of summer, entertaining and eating al fresco. Decorate your table with this impressive and unique Pineapple centrepiece. You will need… A large pineapple A selection of flowers and foliage A kitchen knife Decorative plate or chopping board Method Step 1 Cut the top of your pineapple off Step 2 Scoop out the flesh, using a sharp kitchen knife. You can use this to make a desert or eat fresh. Step 3 Fill your pineapple vase with water, and place your foliage. Step 4 Add your flowers. I used gerberas and roses Step 5 Place on your plate or board so as not to stain your table or surface. Fire up the BBQ and wait for the compliments!

Homemade Citrus Centrepiece

  In the mid summer heat, flowers can wilt and die quickly. Try this vibrant citrus centrepiece; it will last for days, even if the temperatures soar… You will need…. A selection of citrus fruit. I used Lemons, limes, small oranges, kumquats and physalis. An oasis wreath Greenery, I used Bay leaves Toothpicks A kitchen knife and secateurs Ribbon- optional Step 1 Cut your greenery into aprox 4-inch sprigs Step 2 Working around your wreath; place the sprigs into the oasis to make an even base. Step 3 Using your toothpicks place the fruit decoratively into the base   Step 4 Cut 2 of the lemons into slices and wedges, and place in your wreath.   Step 5 Optional – I added ribbon for a more festive look – perfect for a party! Pour yourself a chilled glass of Vino Verde and admire your heat resilient masterpiece!

Homemade onion, chilli, herb and garlic tree

It’s BBQ time, and we will all need onions, garlic chilli and herbs to flavour and scent our sizzling feasts… oh and quite possibly a brolly! Sit this unique tree in your kitchen to add colour and flavour to this month. You will need… A selection of small onions. I used red and brown. Garlic Chillies, I used red and green to add colour Rosemary, bay and olive sprigs A pot of choice Kitchen foil Marzipan Step 1 Stuff your pot with foil. Step 2 Mould your marzipan into a cone shape, creating a food safe base. Place onto your pot Step 3 Using the toothpicks arrange your onions and garlic around the tree evenly. I used a chopping board to help plunge the toothpick into the harder onions and garlic. Step 4 Now add the chillies Step 5 Finish your tree with sprigs of herbs Place in your kitchen and fire up the BBQ, Happy sizzling! This article first appeared in the July 2018 issue of SE22 magazine. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave